How is safety addressed in your center.

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    We have a new Building Manager , and his way of doing things are
    1st injury warning letter,
    2nd injury notice of suspense
    3rd injury notice of discharge,

    Now, from what I understand you can not get fired for getting hurt . We had a driver call his lawyer, and the lawyer said he would take the case if it ever came to it.

    How is it in other parts of the country?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    12 injuries and 3 Tier III's in 12 years will get you an Art. 22.3 job in my center.
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    Here they give you a bananna and a sticky note on your dashboard with some acronyms on it.
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    You cannot be disciplined for getting hurt. You need to tell your local bussiness agent what this manager is trying to do. It will not last long I assure you. I would call the 800 number for employee complaints, I do not have that but you should be able to get it from HR. This policy goes compleely against the statements from the company that you should report all injuries no matter how severe!!