How is the volume with this economy

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  1. Channahon

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    Just wondering how the volume at UPS has been impacted based on the today's economy.

    With some mall stores going out of business, the auto, airlines and online catalog shippers struggling to stay in business.

    Although with the price of gas today, I do more internet research to see if it is more economical to buy online, than drive to a store, so maybe internet shipping is on the rise.
  2. All week my trucks have been blown out with businesses and one of them has been heavy with house calls as well.

    Truck 1-217 pieces-92 stops
    Truck 2-375 pieces-127 stops
    Truck 3-195 pieces 128 stops
  3. dilligaf

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    They keep saying our volume is down. Our feeder volume might be down but our stops are not. I think our feeder volume is down because people aren't buying the bigger (size) items. I haven't seen a sleep number bed in months. (or did we lose that acct?) IMO
  4. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Feeder isn`t affected by the size of a package. Our volume has had some day to day fluctuations but overall I think we are as busy as ever. Everybody's working and extra days are available if you want them.
  5. Covemastah

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    i usually bring 4 cans back to my building,but its been 5 cans all week:happy2:
  6. outamyway

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    The district managers are still head hunting. The union reps are still useless. Volume seems up one week then it's route cutting the next. Conventions really dictate the amount of EAM's we've been getting lately so right now the EAM's have been light.

    Ever heard of a WAD(Work As Directed) bid route?
  7. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    WAD in any bid sheet= enough flexibility to bend over. no?
  8. barnyard

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    My stops are up compared to last year at this time. Piece count is close to the same. The businesses on the route that I am on, say that they are not seeing much of a slowdown. Except Dominoes, he said that their sales are down.

    Our area has quite a few Ag industries though. Right now, agriculture and supporting businesses are booming. Farmers have money and they are buying big ticket items.

  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our volume is normal in my area. We keep hearing about the "recession" on the news but it's just not happening here.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I choose Truck 1.
  11. Jack4343

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    For the past couple of months, I've seen the volume go down in my area. My business stops stayed the same but my residentials dropped dramatically. Neighborhoods that I would usually deliver around 15-20 stops in went down to 10 or less. I left the building one day with only 98 stops on a 65% residential route. (Route didn't plan of course). The route next to me has been worse so they started eliminating it on Mondays and giving it to me and the route next to me. While I didn't make 9.5 those days, I did make 10.5 (barely) so it really wasn't so bad.

    Last week, I noticed my pickups getting heavier (they blow out my P1000 around 2-3 days a week but not in the past couple of months) and this week the residential deliveries started to upswing. Haven't had a stop count under 130 and 2 days were over 140 including today. I think it's because the stimilus checks are starting to be spent. We'll see if it lasts or if the volume starts to drop down again in a month or so. We are running 4 less routes than this time last year but I don't know if the volume is that light or they are putting the screws to the neighboring drivers of the routes they busted out.
  12. bellesotico

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    They keep telling us we are light (volume less than 25k) but yesterday we did just over 36000. Our start time was 4:40 a.m.

    It was ugly.

    Today..well..I didn't catch the final number but our belt looked alot like that famous "I Love Lucy" know..the one where Lucy and Ethel take a job in a candy factory.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Our stop counts have been going up only because they have been cutting routes and having our loop suck up the extra work. I hope the stimulus check make a difference and get some of the laid off drivers back to work.
  14. outamyway

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    I don't remember a day when it WASN'T like that....
  15. satellitedriver

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    In a word, heavy.
    Energy country and money is flowing.
    4,500sq/ft mini-mansions springing up farther out into the country.
    The poorer folks are using the internet, because it saves them money on gas.
    I was the "lightest" today, of the four that work in my area.
    I punched out with a 10.5hr day.
  16. MR_Vengeance

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    it was reported that internet sales are up 18% this year than last.
  17. blue efficacy

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    Volume is down for Twilight sort, but up for Night.
  18. VoiceOfReason

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    It seems to me that business bulk is down and resi stops are up
  19. Thats one of my business trucks with a few residential streets added in for flavor.
  20. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    No slowdown here, they tell us there is but we're all working over 9.5, they'll lighten up to avoid paying greivances, but we're even short drivers, no layoffs, working everybody available.