How long before you got a call back after HR interview

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    So I did my first group inteview and got a pink card with a date to come back. Did my 1on1 interview with the HR person. Thought it went well. Was told to expect a call after the 4th of July. Even got a white card telling me to fill out some other documents at the site (W-4 Form, Direct deposit, ect.). So far though haven't gotten the call. I'm wondering how long it took you guys to get a call back from HR. And does it mean anything at all that I was told to fill out the extra info at the site. Thanks.
    My application at the site says active also.
    I live in Los Angeles btw
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    It takes 11 days , six hours and 14 minutes before the callback..


    The weeks before and after the 4th are cutback weeks for us. We generally see volume levels drop off as many customers go on vacation. We generally implement tight cuts during those two weeks which includes hiring and training expense.

    Its sounds like you have all the interviews and the hiring processes out of the way.
    My guess you're headed straight for orientation. I would think you would get a call next week. JMHO

    Nothing wrong with calling the HR person periodically to show you're still interested.

    Good luck.:happy-very:
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    Basically if you had the forms to fill out all they are waiting for is the background check to clear and you will get the call. But I am an expert by no means.
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    So I called HR and was told that yeah my applicantion was accepted. It was now only a matter of a position opening up and getting the call back. I was told it might be a few days, a few weeks, or even a month. Figured I would inform anyone who was in a similar situation. Thanks for the replys, you guys have a informative forum. Bye!
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    i remember my 1 on 1 interview. The funny part was that it was done by a full timer who was eventually transferred into the pre-load and became my f/t. I don't think he ever remembered my interview being that he did so many over the years. But with all my f/ters they had to put up with my "stand-offish" attitude with upper management as a trade off for my top notch supe skills :-)

    I was good to him though, but we had a few run in's with the building manager over me turning off the belt too many times. But he also got a supe that turned one of the worst belts into one of the top 3 in the building...fair trade I guess.
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    btw, good luck with your career @ UPS. great place to work.