How long did you take off for birth of a child

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    I have been off on fmla for the birth of my second child and was thinking of taking an extra week or two now. Do I need to call hrsc? Also just curious how long some of you guys took off. I have the right to take up to 12 weeks but seems like my on car sup is mad and wants me back asap. He even called me a couple times on a Monday a couple weeks ago and when I didn't answer he had my union steward call me asking where I was and that he thought I was supposed to be back at work. I just assumed he got the same Fmla paperwork with my dates off on it and that I would let him know when I would be back. He then tells me yeah you are supposed to really call me everyday and tell me if you are coming to work or not. I talked to another guy who took fmla and he said he didn't call them one time. I just really think I may take another week or two, but want to do it the right way and don't want my on car sup or center manager mad. Sorry so long and thanks for any input
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    Month for the first one 2 weeks the second.
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  3. For fmla or for ups?
  4. Shifting Contents

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    All freakin 12 weeks right through peak!

    Best Christmas ever!!!


    Take it all and either

    1) answer your phone and tell your ORS to shove it

    2) block all ups numbers on your phone

    Last time I was on paternity leave I pretended I didn't even know what a ups trucks was
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    You're entitled to all 12

    Just call HRSC number and ask to extend
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    Just reread your post

    I aplied, got my rough dates, Told my center manager the dates.

    Called HRSC when I started, and text my ORS. Didn't talk to anyone from ups for the next three months
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    Tell him you will not be calling ever day but if you want to you could tell him you will call him a day or 2 before you plan on returning, or give him an end date now. Our State parental laws allowed one of our drivers to to split his leave so he took some after the birth and more a week just before Christmas.
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    So is your new name upser4everalmost?
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    Fmla for both. In my opinion the month was cool to bond but two weeks was really enough:)
  11. They told this guy be only got one week at my hub.
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    They lied
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    Daughter was born on Sunday
    I was at work on Monday.
    Wife and daughter stayed with her mother and Dad for the first 2 weeks.
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    My sons were born on Monday, via C section. I took Monday and Tuesday off, then that Friday so I could take my ex home from the hospital. I know. I'm cold blooded.
  15. burrheadd

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    I was once constipated for a few days when I finally dropped the deuce it felt like I had given birth

    I went to work that day
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  16. PiedmontSteward

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    You're allowed to take a week off without pay for paternity leave independent (but not in addition to)of FMLA. See: Article 16, Sec. 4

    You can take off the full amount of FMLA if you feel the need. FMLA was created specifically for situations like this (a family adjusting to a new born (or adopted) baby.)

    See: Family and Medical Leave Act - Wage and Hour Division (WHD) - U.S. Department of Labor

    Your sup is going to be upset but he can pound sound. You contact HRSC and they e-mail your management team; HRSC keep track of your FMLA "bank."

    I would give HRSC a return-to-work date and then send the same date to your on-car as a courtesy.
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  17. In Italy, every mother gets 5 months paid maternity leave. Everybody gets 4 weeks vacation and an extra month bonus pay for free in December.
    Hope this helps
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  18. Covemastah

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    My kids were born healthy and no problems ,, back to work in two days , no fmla back then , but even still , how do you guys take all this time off with no pay ???
    Young parents, big mortgage or rent ?? I never would of done it ! Different generation I guess
    And don't tell me I was a bad parent, I had responsibilities
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  19. Cementups

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    FMLA is federal, not state. With FMLA you can take the leave sporadically whenever you want. You can take all 12 weeks every other week if you want. Or you can even take it 1-2 days/week if you want. We have a driver who does just that. He lives with his mom and she is ill and he will take off during the week to take care of her and get her to her appointments and such.
  20. realbrown1

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    1 week for each of my kids.

    No time off back then for your children being born.

    Had to eat a weeks vacation each time.