How long til insurance kicks in?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by jesus_saves, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. jesus_saves

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    Hello. I had a quick question about when does the health/dental benefits start. I have been getting a lot of mix answers. Some people say 1 year while others say 90 days. Thanks in advance
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    It depends on your local supplement, which varies from region to region. However, generally its based om how many hours you worked. When I started part time in 1999 we were required to work 400 hours to recieve our health and wealthfare benefits. At that time the economy was humming along and I was allowed to double and triple shift and reached the 400 hours in well under 6 months. Today, you're lucky to get 5 hours a day at UPS. Still, if your goal is benefits from the job I would stick with it because you can't get these benefits anywhere else.

    Man, how have times changed! In 1999 they were literally begging me to double and triple shift. As a part-timer I could work as many as 12-14 hours/day over 3 sorts if I wanted to. The shifts always lasted more than 4 hours and closer to 5. Now, they are lucky to get 4 hours and double shifting is almost non-existent. I really miss those days!

    I hope this helps...
  3. jesus_saves

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    It made sense. I,m in the New Orleans area BTW guys. I hope that will help
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    With your nick name, you shouldn't need health bennies, anyways !
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    Here in Atlanta, its one year for the employee, then another six months for family members if you are part time.
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    thanks just spoke to my sup and confirmed it