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    I'm in cental states ,my ? is how many times in a 12 month period can 1 driver bid on a route.I know its 3 per center the 4 is assigned,but how many times can 1 person bid
  2. chev

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    I believe it is any time a new bid comes up.
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    This is another one of those "depends on your local supplemental" questions. We bid in Center every two years, I think we are due up again this April. We can only bid into another Center if its been six months since our last time and if a bid route gets posted for some reason.

    I have been on my present route for thirteen years and somebody else with one year on me is eyeing to roll me off of it. He used to do EAMs and a senior driver in his Center rolled him off his old route last bid. I am getting tired of EAMs and am going to try to get this taken off my present route. They have been retiring all our old P500s leaving P800s and P1000s to do early trips. Its getting to be a big hassle to find something to drive every morning. Its nice to start at 6:30AM and get off before 5PM, but I still get only 9.5 hours a day and an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning would be nice. You would think that with 25 years seniority, your route you hope to retire on would be safe, but its not. There are better routes out there, so I am currently looking around. A change of scenery will be a good thing too.
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    I don't what the language is for this contract but in the Southern Region Supplement of the past, if a route comes open for bid any full time driver that had not won a previous bid within (I think) 6 months would be allowed to bid. So if that is still true, the answer (for the Southern Reg) would be two bids per year max. However it seems that was changed, although not designated as a change by striking out the replaced language. Any Southern Region contract gurus out there?
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    Scratch is right. The supplemental does the talking here.:wink2:
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    I am also in central states. You can sign as many bids as you want. If you sign a bid, try a route and decide against it, you cannot sign another for 1 year. If you are p/t and sign a f/t bid and do not qualify, you cannot sign another for 1 year.

    Once you are awarded a bid, you have to wait a year before you can sign another.