How many hours to cover the CSP family deductible 2017?? 571.4 HOURS

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by cynic, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Can't wait for your raise? Do the math.

    A $0.70 raise will take 571.4 hours to "break even" with the Central States Plan family deductible of $400 in the 2017 vs. the UPS plan now. ($400 deductible divided by $0.70)

    For PT'ers with 17.5 hours a week it will take you 32.65 weeks (8 months!) to break even with the TeamCare family deductible vs. the UPS Plan in 2017. Personally, it will take me 48 weeks (11 months) to get to a net zero as I don't get that many hours a week.

    Looking at the time required to just break even can put things into perspective vs. looking solely your proposed raise. Excuse me while I go vomit.
  2. The Other Side

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    Thanks for the breakdown. Many members dont think this hard about out of pocket expenses.


  3. cynic

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    Wait, there is yet another option for me to fulfill my self-centered goal of taking care of my family financially and medically!!!

    I can eliminate $8.54 a week and break even on the Central States Plan family deductible after 46.8 weeks ($400 divided by $8.54 a week) with the stroke of a pen and yet received the full benefits of the $0.70 raise from day one!!!

    How you say? Withdraw from the union and eliminate my $8.54 a week dues as I'm in a RTW state.
  4. DriveInDriveOut

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    Or you could spend 8 bucks less a week and not be a scab.
    Or you could just go work somewhere else since you have it so bad.
  5. Bagels

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    I love how people @$!% and moan on these forums about politician math... then perform the same magic themselves!!

    #1) When the family deductible reaches $400 you will have accumulated $2.50 in raises, raising to $2.90 within a month. The following year, you have the same $400 deductible but $3.90 in raises.

    #2) You're choosing the floor to make an illustration. Your floor figure is flawed, anyway, because when you factor in vacation pay, sick pay/option week pay, option day pay & peak season, the absolute minimum pay a PTer earns is close to 1000 hours -- unless they voluntarily choose otherwise, which is your case. The median is probably closer to 1150.

    #3) Over the life of a contract, a PTer averaging 1000 hours pay annually (which will be in the lower percentile) will earn $11,000 in raises while paying $1,400 in deductibles -- that's barely 10% of their raise. For most PTers, it'll be well less than 10%.

    #4) UPS didn't offer, and would not offer, $3.90 + the current company plan. UPS management pays at least $70/week for a similar plan while paying much higher out-of-pocket costs -- including deductibles. In terms of economics, IBT got the most UPS was willing to offer.

    #5) Shame on your local UPS management for overstaffing itself to the point of enabling you to go home/stay at home. The market value of your benefits (varies regionally) is up to $400. That's a lot of cash to pay for you to sit on your behind.

    (And what's up with the pictures of the abs? I thought I was on a gay porn site or something!)
  6. cynic

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    You are correct and I will NEVER be "saving" $8 or $18 dollars a week by withdrawing from the union. Those numbers are one blind side of the equation, my job and IBT negotatiated benefits save me over $13K at my other job and have provided me and my family with a level of care that no other company could provide. You can't purchase a similar health care plan to what we have.

    For those of you that are NOT in a RTW state you will never have to endure statements such as I posted earlier that I hear daily. I could take them straight out of the mouth of any given non-member PT co-worker of mine at UPS. Glad to see it invoked a similar reaction from some of you. Count your blessings if you're not in a RTW state.

    As to the abs pic, suffice it to say that I've had enough surgeries and spent enough time in physical therapy (covered by our awesome health insurance) that it's a personal goal to see that kind of cut in my abs - and not just the scars from the cut of a surgeon's scapel. Even cynical old bastards like me need a goal.
  7. DriveInDriveOut

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    I think you might be bipolar.
  8. RealPerson

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    Less raises to the Employee than last time.
    More Cost to the employee this time
    UPS made RECORD Profits.
    Putting 140,000 people in a insurance plan, AND IBT getting biggest raises from UPS ever and can't get better rates??
  9. cynic

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    Negative on bipolar and negative on scab. (The former would be a medical condition covered by our insurance, the latter would just be poor character.)

    I posted some of the words of wisdom I hear daily from my RTW PT'er co-workers - it's tiresome. Looking to stir the pot on a hot boring Sunday in the South.

    Respects to Bagels for showing the correct math :smart: - and that's a great term "politician math".

    RealPerson UPS is making excellent profits and I think IBT has/had the opportunity negotiate for more so this may be a true opportunity lost. I don't know.

    I'm just tired of listening to people that don't pay dues, so cannot vote, yet they continue to flap their trap about something they haven't paid the cost of admission to even vote on. Put the money on the wood or STFU.
  10. DriveInDriveOut

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    I am in a RTW state in the South and I have never heard anyone say anything like you are claiming. In fact, there isn't a lot of talking at all, most people are busy doing their jobs.
  11. cynic

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    Well, in our RTW (red)neck of the woods we have shameful management that overstaffs the hub so we have lots of time to whittle, squal like a pig, and listen to each other complain.
  12. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    I like how you think Texas is part of the South. Hilarious. You can secede for all I care.

    Management here purposefully under staffs. This way they can force supervisors to do union work they have no business doing, and keep their numbers looking good.
  13. cynic

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    The IBT thinks Texas is in the South too, so I'm not alone in realizing Texas is part of the South. Does that reality cause you discomfort?

    Your thoughts on secession are unclear - from the IBT or from the United States?

    Are you off your meds?
  14. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    I said part of the South, not just in the southern region of the country. I might give you deep east Texas as being Southern, but if you consider west Texas southern, you know nothing about the South. Most Texans I know simply consider themselves Texans, and wouldn't call themselves Southerners.
  15. Jackburton

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    I'm in Georgia (RTW), Roswell hub to be exact. We have a lot if people that go home willingly, most fight over who's going to work. They don't care about the deductible or anything else because Hoffa/hall said we won't be paying for our insurance and we'll get raises, both promises they kept. Now for those of you out West I can see your gripe, but don't sit here and say folks in the south are disgruntled with the contract, it's actually quite the opposite.
  16. RealPerson

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    Just because you don't pay up front, don't think the back end wont be more than you ever imagined.
    (I am still un clear if UPS is going to pick up the difference between Team Care and my current UPS Plan)

    Raises? Umm you consider less raises than last contract a WIN with record Profits???

    Also, Starting Wages? Wow extremely low....
  17. Bagels

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    Me thinks you need to turn off the X-Files and read up on the concept of what a business is.

  18. Jackburton

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  19. DriveInDriveOut

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    I'm pretty sure you're just baiting people for an argument. If you're not, it doesn't matter, the healthcare is off the table now. You can talk about it all day long if you want, won't change anything. Most people don't use the healthcare anyway, that's why they knew concessions would pass.

    $10 an hour is not a low starting wage. It is a low wage for how hard a lot of people work. Just do what I do: don't work so hard. What are they gonna do fire you? That is one area where the union does have power. They can't fire you for production issues, we don't get paid per box.
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    Just do what I do: don't work so hard. What are they gonna do fire you?