How many in your local had a ballot counted????

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    Local 396, respectively, one of the largest locals in the country, has over 10500 members working in 11 hubs. This represents a large working force in So. California.

    However, only 1883 votes were returned and officially counted.

    1255 for yes, and 628 for no. Divided by the number of hubs in our corridor, that amounts to 171 votes per building. These are massive hubs employing thousands of employees.

    This is shameful for the Teamsters and shameful for the company to accept this turnout for "our" local.

    The total voted recieved represent only 17% of all the members in local 396 and only 11% voting yes.

    This is lopsided math and the Officers of 396 should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this fraud.

    I urge our members in local 396 to consider all options in next years election of Officers and hold the H Administration personally responsible for their participation in an election where the members were not recognized.

    I am curious to see what your locals looked like in numbers. If you know, post your local number, the total votes counted (for / against) and approx how many members are in your local.

    Or, just post your local number and approx how many members you believe in your local and I will get the official count for your local and compare.

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    Its obvious you have an ax to grind with 396. ever think about starting your own web page for all the unhappy 396'ers instead of mis using Cheryls website?
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    Brownshark......check the local polls of presidential voting......the percent who vote is probably just as sad. Welcome to the world of apathy!!:dissapointed:
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    Its a miracle that you can see your keyboard with your head firmly inserted into the moderators backside.

    When you come up for air, re-read the post and try to comprehend what is intended,

    Oh by the way, ya got a little on your nose.

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    Brown shark let me compliment you on another classless post. The quality of your posts is too good for us. You should move up to teamster net where the other incest babies hang out.
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    Thank you for your support.

    I would go back to, however I got tired of hearing your sibblings call out for "uncleDad" every time they didnt like one of my postings.

    Nice try at humour. Youve already been owned.

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    Okay so you were booted off teamster net and you're obviously too good for this site thus my original suggestion you create your own web of hate and miscontent where you can play in your misery every day.

    Games over. Buh Buh buh bye.

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    You may want to question the turnaround time frame for those ballots. The east coast's vote seems to have been against the contract, while the west coast appears apathetic. The west coast did not have the same amount of time to make a decision due a longer wait to receive their ballots and had to send their ballots back sooner than those on the east coast. I'm thinking mail from one coast to the other coast is probably at least 5 days. That's 10 days lost. Many on the west coast may not have even sent their ballot in thinking that it probably wouldn't make the deadline, while those in the east could've sent theirs in the day before.

    I don't know if that would be grounds for a recount or not, but the vote, in my mind, is suspect to say the least.

    As far as telling people to leave the forum...

    This thread is in the proper forum. You may not agree with it, or like the individuals that speak on it, but you have the choice to not read what they have to say. As someone else has said, all views are welcome just keep it clean.
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    Local 396 new what they were doing all along, by bending the truth and telling the part-timers they were getting a $9.00 raise, making it seem a better deal. Not informing the members that their was even a vote until the final hour, wonder why voter turn-out was so low. Another ploy by an inept adminstration.
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    I always find it a treat to have an anonymous poster lecture me on the intent and purpose of this site. :happy-very:
    I think Cheryls intent has always been to create a community of upsers sharing perspectives , ideas and experiences. I as a registered member and a senior member ( i hear you guys love that seniority thang) try to uphold those principles. I honestly think that someone constantly creating threads of a political nature against one particular union local basically hijacks this site for their own political agenda. To me this is comparable to thread jacking. And guess what as another poster on this site I get to comment on the validity of his posts and his threads. And realistically supporting his right to site jack should also support my right to comment on the site jacking. :wink2:
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    Anonymous? Yes.
    Registered? Yes.

    Lecturing? No.
    Infringing on your "right" to comment? No.

    Speaking of site jacking...

    from the amount of blue I see in every post, no one has infringed on your "right" to post.:wink2:
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    Don't tell Tie to leave. (he seems alot happier now; (Big Merry Xmas bonus coming his way) He is working on a research project and writing a book. He will be movin on up soon and he can't be fired only a voluntary resignation
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    huh? fantasizing about me?