How many PVDs have bailed in your building?


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Saw a postal worker (?) delivering out of a open bed pickup truck. She was sorting , looking for the one package for atleast 10 minutes.


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How are they handling the liability and insurance? If a PVD has an accident, is it his/her responsibility or UPS? Does it count as an accident for the center?


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Here they are giving us the call tags and OCAs (and requests to go retrieve misdelivered) for the areas PVSs are in. It causes all kind of problems with ORION.
We did last year, but they kept orion on this peak. That just means less stops I get off and more stops for the runners to come take off me :)
I love walking by and looking at all of the peak mode coward’s and regular runner’s trucks every morning and watching them struggle to get their doors closed. Then arriving behind mine and struggling to decide which huge gap of empty shelf space I will put my backpack in. The long walk through the empty wasteland that is the middle of the truck gives me time to ponder that. LMFAO