How many stops planned your route on day 1 vs. now?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Nazzrath, May 22, 2013.

  1. Nazzrath

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    I made plan on my route with 86 stops 4 years ago when I first won the bid. The boundaries of my route were adjusted last year which pushed my planned stops to 92ish. Which I have no problem with. As of the beginning of this month, one of the higher ups at head office changed the numbers so that I would need to do 105 stops per day to plan. That I have a BIG problem with. My route has not changed since last year. As it stands, I barely make it home at night to see my kids before they go off to bed. With the extra 13 stops, the only time I will see them will be on weekends. I'm fuming and there's not much I can do about it.

    My question to y'all: Have your planned stops increased since you started a route?
  2. serenity now

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    It's a complicated ratchet formula * Once it stabilizes with a few extra stops, the pawl drops into place and there is no going back *
  3. Brownslave688

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    File a 9.5?
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    File a grieve. They don't care, but it's your only recourse.
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    First, take all your breaks and an hour lunch. if they tell you to take a half hour lunch you get time and a half for the second half of what should have been your hour lunch. (check your contract for the language). File 9.5 and always ask for help through the DIAD board and get copies of your messages. And file a grievence for singling you out with the over dispatched truck. And if they say that other drivers are going out with the same then your argument must be , are all drivers? You must be willing to fight the fight!
    The new contract does not allow any new driver to file 9.5 for the first four yrs of thier progression. THAT SUCKS!
    How do you think your knees will feel? Will you make it to retirement after 30yrs of this? Pension? VOTE NO ON THIS CONTRACT!
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    my first day alone was yesterday, over 130 stops, the average on my training route is 170 plus 12 pickups. depending on the route some guys go out with 200 + stops not to mention pickups. i guess you must be on a rural route?
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    You are missing the point.
  8. TooTechie

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    I had just shy of 500 pieces yesterday with almost 200 stops...cuz they cut routes to make their fantasyland numbers. from industrial to out in the woods....
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  10. Brownslave688

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    I hate nothing more than when another driver looks in your rural route truck and says wow what are u doing after lunch.
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    It's none of their business. Every time we get a stop count and our rural guy yells, "65!" everyone starts laughing. I've run some of his stuff. 57 stops, 12 hours, lets just say the tach wasn't ever under 4k. Not really, but everyone understands what I mean.
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    Lucky you. I have 3 today: Lowe's, the garden store and the beer store. Better get moving.