How many Teamster health care plans are there?

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    im trying hard to warp my brain around all this and with so many people posting so many opinions and whatnot im getting nowhere. how many teamster run health plans are there across the country? are the majority of fulltimers all in these plans while the partimers are in the company plan or plans? im fulltime in local 804 and have blue cross blue shield ($20 Dr. copay, $15 scripts, $200 E.R. copay). now with the new contract moving all our partimers into union plans, wouldn't my local then be responsible for there health care? or would we all be moving to the central states plan? and if so, why? wouldn't it make more sense for each plan that's already in place to absorb the partimers? with that many more participants, maybe our locals can negotiate a better plan for all of us? are the teamsters looking to have every single ups employee under just one nationwide plan? how could that work with healthcare costs ranging from region to region? does a Dr. in Manhattan or L.A. charge the same as a Dr. in Podunk or Spudsville? i pulled the following from (im neither for or against TDU, just trying to gather information and understand)
    UPSers Press for Vote On Change to Their Health Plan