How many times can you call out before getting in trouble?

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    I have taken about 5 days off in the last four months. I told my boss that I couldn't make it up cuz I threw up and have a bad headache. It's 100 degrees here and I got sent home from my day job because it hit 105. Can they do anything to me? Before these four. Months I almost never missed time. Thanks
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    Generally, this depends on a lot of things such as what region you're in, your manager, if you're a driver or a PT'er, etc. PT'ers get away with a lot more (attendance-wise) than any FT employee I've ever seen. Technically, you can be disciplined for calling in without any sick days left over but that doesn't happen. If you're that sick, get a doc's note and you'll be in the clear.
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    If you have 3 occurrences In a month you will get a verbal warning, each occurrence can be at most 2 days and 3 if you have a doctors note. an occurrence is dropped after a month of the latest call in. If you have four occurrences in a month, you will get a warning letter. 5 times, you get a second warning letter, 6 times you get a third warning letter, 7 times you get a termination letter, 8 times you get a hearing (basically to fire you). you have to be an idiot to get fired.

    It took all this in order to my friend to get fired. he wanted to get fired instead of quitting to get unemployment (lazy bastard)
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    My local is 90 days... so that would be 8 in 90.

    Once you get the waring letter then you are on a 9 ( I think) month probation, so even one time can lead to the next letter, meaning None drop off.

    A LATE counts as a call in at my local.

    Even a doctors Note, it still counts against you.

    Now if you call in 2 days in a row for the SAME sickness it counts only as ONE occurrence.

    Again, all of this is at my Local....
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    746. Past practice.....
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    First off. The language in every supplement is based upon "paid for time". For instance, in ENE we get 5 sick and 3 personal. This is what management is "contractually obligated to pay" you. Now, is there anything that says that you are "limited" to 5 and 3? NEGATIVE! We have some guys that have extreme call outs. Guys what? Still here! You couldn't even guess by what I mean extreme.
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    Some locals have a finite policy, some have a flexible policy and many have no policy.

    Where I'm at, you're held accountable for your attendance in the last 9 months, but they'll print out your attendance for the last 9 years it seems (exaggeration). There's absolutely no standards ... I've seen white employees written up for 5 missed days in 90 days, while their black counterparts could miss 15 in that time period with no recourse. I hate to say it, but it's true.

    If you're really sick, doctor's notes help, but at hearings the company will reject a series of doctor's notes saying 'we could get a doctor's note for just about anything.'
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    One less day called out than the call out you get disciplined for.
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    Here you get 3 in a 90 day period, any attendance occurrence is the same whether it be no call or late by a second. The 4th is a warning letter and every occurrence after that for the next 9 months is the next step in progressive discipline. Multiple days called in for the same issue in a row are only one call in.
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    Here, it's 5 occasions in 9 months. Anything in excess of 5 occasions, and the write-up process begins. However, if you call out 3 days in a row, it counts as 1. You could do 4, but then you would need a doctor's note.

    You're gonna have to ask a steward to be absolutely certain.
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    In 177. You get six days. We don't have any personal days because we get a option week in stead. So we use are sick days for personal. We get six call outs before they say warning letter. They always jump the gun when you are out of sick days but you only called out once or twice. Brain train, lol.
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    Survival of the fittest. Lol.
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    I've called off probably 6 or 7 times since April and no one from management has said even one word to me about it. It depends on your local and really your staffing. If you work at a place where they always send people home everyday from over staffing then you should be able to call off whenever you want.
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    ​Working doesn't fit into your social schedule?
  16. Is the term "call out" a certain region of the country, term? I've been in the workforce for many years and never heard or seen it called that until I saw it on this board.

    All I've ever heard is "call off".
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    As I have only seen it called "call in"
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    if you are sick , take off. don't be a safety issue to fellow employees
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    I don't call off
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    that's cause your perfect