How much longer will 22.3's get jerked around?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brown to Brown, Oct 4, 2010.

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    How do you start a poll? The question to be: Will the National even hear a 22.3 case at the next National Panel? Yes or No. The next poll question: Will the National by more time by referring the case back to the Local? The next poll question: Will the Locals be able to get a nationwide issued settled one Local at a time back home? The next poll question: When the issue finally ends up back at National again (after 1 year) will it finally get deadlocked or settled with corporate UPS?
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    Panel hearings are posted on for the next hearings. The Union needs to stand up and do what they are paid for. We are the largest contributor of dues to the Teamsters. Go on and voice a complaint or write a letter.
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    Bump any updates on 22.3s being jerked? :wink2:
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    Us today, you tomorrow :knockedout:
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    Yeap! We got a local in the state of CT doing nothing
    for the membership. The company owed seven to eight 22.3
    classification jobs. All the sudden some jobs have two hour
    lunch! What the L ? “The Samurai is turning on his grave”
    Do not open the door to the enemy. Do it once and your
    supervisor will tell you in a near close future… “Hey, Jack ;
    starting tomorrow you are going to have two hour lunch”
    These are not article 40 jobs are 22.3. Domo Arigato.
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    San Fernando 22.3's reconfigured.... San Fernando, CA Hub 22.3's who were working a night/preload combo approx 30 employees were reconfigured this month to work a new twilight/night job do to operation now running M-F as previously Sunday Night -Thursday Night. Talk about getting jerked first 3 different start dates were given....a re-bid of entire job was purposed and submitted. Combos all rebid...then the bid idea was trashed. Ultimately 22.3's kept their current night position and HR picked a twilight job with no consideration of seniority or preference. If you could not follow the new job then back to part time. Majority of jobs were load/unload as hard job sort/small sort easy job. In this building there are double shifters who have better jobs than the 22.3's and have been doing them for years...why go full time and get stuck with a crappy job when you can double shift and get what you want??? Part timers displaced had to fill the spots vacated on other shifts if they wanted to keep their jobs. Sad to say the Union just stood by did nothing had no information for us the entire time...simply put consider yourselves lucky you still have a job. On a positive note new 22.3 jobs have been posted locally for the first time in about 2 years.
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    That happened in our hub around 6-7 years ago. Many 22.3 jobs went from Sun-Thu day-twi, to Mon-Fri Twi-Mid. Union basically caved in and made a side deal.