how much vacation do you get in your region?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by foundinload, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. foundinload

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    i am in north california and we get:

    2 weeks after 1 year
    3 weeks after 3 years
    4 weeks after 10 years
    5 weeks after 20 years
    6 weeks after 25 years
    7 weeks after 30 years
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  3. deliver_man

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    Atlantic Area:
    1 year = 2 weeks
    9 year = 3 weeks
    15 year = 4 weeks
    20 year = 5 weeks
    25 year = 6 weeks
    30 year = 7 weeks
  4. wkmac

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    I'm proposing next contract that I get 51 weeks vacation per year!

    See what drugs and heavy drinking does!
  5. xracer

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    Upstate NY
    1 week after 1 year
    2 weeks after 2 years
    3 weeks after 10 years
    4 weeks after 15 years
    5 weeks after 20 years
    6 weeks after 25 years

    In addition we get 4 roving holidays and 5 sick days annually after 1 year of service.
  6. upsdude

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    "I'm proposing next contract that I get 51 weeks vacation per year!"

    And further more, 2 day work week. Work 2 off 5!
  7. ddomino

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    Metro-Phila PA we get:

    1 week after 1 year
    2 weeks after 2 years
    3 weeks after 10 years
    4 weeks after 15 years
    5 weeks after 20 years
    6 weeks after 25 years
    6 is the most cant carry over paid off if not used

    In addition we get 7 personal days and 3 sick days per year. Sick days only can be carried year over year to a max of 10 then paid off. We never lose pay if not taken, the Co just pays us off.
  8. tieguy

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    deliver you sure about that 7th week in the Atlantic area supplement?
  9. gman

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    I must get 8!

    I just got another check Friday for next week but I took the pay for it back when I was off with a back injury in May. I'm keeping it until they figure it all out. Their accounting system is so screwed up they started taking city tax out after 34 years this summer for a city I don't work in. They told me they can't fix it and I have to call some RITA company that does payroll and do it myself. Guess they will have to call RITA to get their money back too. It would be easy to give back what they gave me but if they can't get the tax part straightened out, I'll end up paying it all at years end. So I'm keeping it for my trouble. By the time they figure it out, I'll be retired!

    North Ohio, 7 is max and I think it's after 25. Only two option days that have to be cleared well in advance and no sick days.
  10. ok2bclever

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    Central Region Supplemental

    1 year = 1 weeks, plus Option week (50 hours pay)
    2 year = 2 weeks, plus Option week (50 hours pay)
    8 year = 3 weeks, plus Option week (50 hours pay)
    15 year = 4 weeks, plus Option week (50 hours pay)
    20 year = 5 weeks, plus Option week (50 hours pay)
    25 year = 6 weeks, plus Option week (50 hours pay)
  11. deliver_man

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    Ack, good catch, Tie. I got all carried away with myself. Atlantic Area caps out at 6 weeks after 25 years.
  12. moverman

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    after '08, I'd really like to see Central States add more vactarion time time for us. Right now in North Ohio - Central States, after 25 years we get 6 weeks plus 1 option week. No sick days, no personal days,no roving holidays ( we do get 2 option days though) Any way since C.S. basically made it so we have to work to age 62 to get the "full monty" I believe we should get an additional week at 30 years,35 years and at 40 years. As well as an additional 3 option days.
  13. ok2bclever

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    I'd rather they figured a way to get our retirement back and get 52 weeks vacation after thirty plus years.
  14. gman

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    I agree. Do what ever it takes to get me outta here!
  15. moverman

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    gman and ok2bclever,
    Yeah me too, but that is not going to happen any time soon if at all. So in the interim, starting with the negotions in '08,I'd really like to see the Teamsters and UPS negotiate a better vacation package. I don't need or want $1.00 an hour raises, my body is beat up and I don't get to see my family near enough. Negotiate more time off, untill i can get to that "52 weeks " of vacation. In my case (full and part-time) I'll be at 40 years of service
  16. racerx

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    Let me ask a question Do you think there is any way that the union will fight hard for issues that have no real financial impact? Through reading many of the posts on this site, it seems the biggest issues facing drivers are over-dispatching, lack of home-time, limits on hours, and a desire for more time off. All of which I can totally understand. However, if all of those issues are resolved, it will not give one extra penny to the Teamster leadership. In the few negotiations that I have lived through, the union seemed to be fighting for larger wage increases and more jobs classified as union, both of which would increase the amount of money that the union would collect. So, do you think that the Teamster leadership would be willing to move the lifestyle issues that the rank and file want addressed above the issues that would have a positive financial impact on the Union?
  17. brownmonster

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    The union looking out for themselves? The nerve!
  18. moverman

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    They might not have a choice but to move some of those things up on the list. On 08/01/07 I'll be at( I believe) $28.15 per hr straight time. With the price of gas, competition and a so-so economy, I would find it hard to belive that they would chase after more money per hour. You can still get to the " Richest contract in history" without the hourly raises. Don't misunderstand me. Yes I would like to make more money, but at this stage of my life, with a beaten up body, I personally would like to negotiate for more time off. The Teamsters will probably concentrate on things like 9.5 and supervisors working, subcontracting, and expanding the bargaining unit and what to do about UPS owned companies like Overnight,SonicAir,Logistic Solutions and the like,ect.
  19. ok2bclever

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    It truly devolves to the motivation and pressure the membership applies prior to the contracts negotiation.

    Judging by past experience of getting the membership to get off their collective sssss and actually do anything proactive to send messages to the International the negotiations will proceed as in the past with nominal tokenism towards the non economic issues and a concentration on the wage/benefit package.

    Any language that does not contain financial reperations for violations are window dressing, insignificant pacifications in case you haven't caught on.

    PS - Whining and bitching to fellow employees does not qualify as proactive participation in sending a message to the International.
  20. over9five

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    Everything Racerx said is how I believe it will go down. The Unions primary concern will be getting more money for the Union. Actually, their primary concern will be just to survive the negotiations.
    We are in deep do-do....