How much work are driver's helpers being given this peak season?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Grammarly1959, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Grammarly1959

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    My son was hired a few weeks ago, and has only been called to work one day; we call daily but they say there is no work for him. Did they overhire?

    Talk about a letdown; this was his first job (or was supposed to be, anyway).

    My husband thinks its a sign that the economy is worse off than we thought; any ideas?
  2. JakeD

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    10hr in 2 days my first "week" plus orientation, 32hr 2nd week, 25hr so far this week. my driver keeps me until the deliveries are done regardless of what the sheet or management say.
  3. Bagels

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    No, it's not an indication of the economy -- UPS intentionally overhires. In addition to helpers that work regularly, UPS needs to cover occasional helping routes, as well as be prepared for helpers that quit, get injured or fired.

    Your son's best chances of working every day would have been if he had started working early (shortly before Thanksgiving) and caught on with a driver.
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    Ups would rather pay drivers OT then pay your son minimum wage. We call this logistics
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    Since we're seeing record volumes the economy is no worse off than it's been the last 3 years. UPS over hires. Maybe the economy is bad in your area. Over here they have every driver just about smashed out with a helper...sometimes two.
  6. moreluck

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    record volume??? Maybe, but what those boxes contain is cheaper than last year's stuff (maybe). So, the shipping is the same, but the gift is maybe $20 that doesn't speak well of the economy.....except for the shipper.....lucky you!!
  7. It really depends on where you are as others have said. Even just towns apart one helper gets like 32 hrs a week and works everyday another might get 10 for the week only working a couple days. In our building it seems like no one has the wherewithal to tough it out anymore as I've seen many helpers come and go (seasonal drivers too for that matter) and as such could use more.
  8. Grammarly1959

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    My son had signed up for email alerts from UPSJOBS about a year ago, and we never got an email about a driver's helper job until November of this year, which is when he then applied. No way he could have started before Thanksgiving since he didn't even get the job opening alert until then.

    I figured there would be plenty of work for him since we're in Philadelphia (PA). Oh well. Maybe with any luck they'll hire him as a p/t package handler.
  9. barnyard

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    Could be that the driver told his supe not to use your son.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    I didn't want to say that but since you did first.
  11. brownmonster

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    It's his first job and we call daily.
  12. Bagels

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    They typically begin recruiting in September, although helpers don't start until November.

    Hopefully he has indicated interest as a package handler. If not, I suggest having him inquire with his coordinator. I wouldn't expect him to be working until April-May though.
  13. Grammarly1959

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    I highly doubt it the driver said not to use him; my son is a very hard worker and the driver even told him that. Since starting this thread I found an older thread where driver's helpers were complaining that all they did was wait to be called, and many never were. One said he thinks the reason why so many quit is not because the work is hard but because its basically an "on call" job, but they don't make that clear (I had asked the HR about it but they were very vague, so this must be common practice.)
  14. cachsux

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    Not saying your son but there are some very hard workers just not cut out for the job. Some need constant supervision to make sure they do it right. Some have other problems/needs that the driver just doesn't have time for on top of doing his job.
  15. Grammarly1959

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    One other reason why I doubt it was my son's work, was because they didn't call him to work at all until a week after orientation. The director of the office told me he was trying to find more work for him, but that our section of the city didn't have as much work as other areas, so I'm assuming that's what it is.

    This is an old thread I found that answered a lot of my questions, and made me see this situation is not that uncommon:
  16. Grammarly1959

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    One thing he told me the driver said to him which puzzled both of us: "I really would like to keep you on longer because I need the help, but they only want me to keep you for 2 hours your first day". Is this a rule for new driver helpers??
  17. Grammarly1959

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  18. Bagels

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    Drivers are given a finite time limit that they're able to keep helpers, generally ranging from 2-8 hours.
  19. Macbrother

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    Different centers have different policies but often drivers are sent out with a specific time they are allowed to use their helper. Despite this, many drivers ignore this completely or call in and ask if they can keep them longer.

    In my area we have been desperate for driver helpers, for the last two days the coordinator has come on the belt near wrap and begged preloaders to help.
  20. JakeD

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    My driver tells them he's keeping me all day and they've never complained back. 32hr last week.. 39.5 hours this week. The smart Sups or whoever know that it's cheaper to pay a helper than pay a driver with an ETA a few hours later. drivers who send their help home either don't care or don't know they can keep them.