How Next Day Air Saver works with my package?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by iggy0747, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I have a package I ordered from Amazon and they decided to send it Next Day Air Saver, I'm in Pa, it's coming from AZ. Now first off I'm not asking because I want to know when my package will specifically arrive, it'll get here when it gets here. Just curious how it works. Here's the tracking number if anyone wants to check it out: 1ZXX31291332182294. I know all the digits have a specific meaning, I've never seen XX in a tracking number, whats the relevance??

    So anyway I know w/ with NSA Saver It should get it between 3-4pm/end of day. Usually I get deliveries around 11am. But my package arrived in KY around 1am. So I don't see the package making it from KY to Philly to West Chester in time. So do you think that another truck will be dispatched to my area for a later round of deliveries (I'm in Royersford Pa, all my packages get routed through the West Chester hub) Or do you think it'll arrive in time to be put on the truck in the am? Not sure if multiple trucks go out for the same route throughout the day or if it's just one truck for the route and thats it?? Thanks for any input!!!

    Again just curious how it all works.
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    Iggy - That account number just happens to contain two X's. Commit time for a Saver going to a residence is end of day.
    Your pkg. left Louisville at 0416 hours in a plane, not by truck. It will land at an airport centrally located to several UPS centers where those packages will be sorted and shuttled to the correct center. There at the center that serves your area the packages will be sorted again and your package will be loaded on the truck that comes to your house. Check back later this morning and the tracking info. will read ( out for delivery).
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    If you normally get your packages by 11 am then it should arrive at that time. Just because it says by end of day does not mean it will get there any later than usual deliveries. Next day air saver is slightly less expensive than a next day air shipment. It has a relaxed commit time.
  5. barnyard

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    And IMO should be the only option to residential deliveries for NDA.

    Not that I care about the numbers, but I have noticed that the days I am most over-allowed are also the days that I have lots of resi NDA.

    To the OP, pretty cool how fast something can move through the system, eh.
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    Yes the NDA that cost me the most time are VA meds and no one is ever home at 10:30 to get them.
  7. barnyard

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    Even worse are NDA sig req for a resi.

    I end up delivering most of those on the 2nd attempt when I am in the neighborhood delivering other resi.
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    Cool stuff, and yes got the package this morning. Thanks for some cool info!!
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    Suppose you are closing on your new house at 11 am and some last minute paperwork needed for the closing is being sent overnight to your current house. Still think NDA SVR would work?
  10. barnyard

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    Yes. Send it to the place where you are doing the closing. Most days, I am going there anyway.