How short staffed is your hub? Any new hires?

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    My Socal Hub has really been keeping guys on a short leash the last few weeks or so it would seem. I've heard of numerous firings for everything from mistakes, attendence, arguments, and so forth.

    The terminations have directly affected the areas i work in because i am finding myself being shuffled around even more. As well as guys who plan on using off days this mid to late spring which will complicate things probably. Combo's have a abundance of flexibility and their status is always up in the air. I plan on submitting my ideas for my 3wks worth of off-days this week.

    So, i digress...... I've noticed a few new hires on the load side which is a LONG TIME COMING. Just about every area on the load side has been lacking to the tune of 2-4 guys. They're fetching around 26-32hrs on the load side and even when i was there; when called over there its a guranteed 4-1/2 to 6hrs.

    Despite the winfall on load area, the unload, and sort are deficient. Our unload combined could use a good, 7 more people by my estimation and the sort could use 5 more bodies.
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    My hub is actually very tall staffed. The shortest employee is 6'2". We are quite competitive in our local basketball league.
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    Thank you for keeping track.
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    Our driving staff is o.k. However, we are wayyyy overstaffed on management side.