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    Hello, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and respond. I was hired by ups last year. I have been an unloader for 7 months now. I'd like to be moved to small sort. I'm a hard worker and the small sort supervisor has asked me to join his staff. Unfortunately, my unload supervisor also thinks I'm a hard worker and isn't willing to let me leave. There are other factors too; high turnover rates and possibly other people before me who want to do small sort. I am thinking about putting my two weeks resignation notice soon because I no longer want to unload or sort. What are the proper steps in becoming a small sort employee. Any advice? Thank you so much. I hope I have a reply or two when I return from work :)
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    You need to put your name on a list, and it goes by seniority. You're basically stuck unless you quit, especially since your unload sup won't let you move. I'm a female loader, I feel your pain, but I'd go crazy in small's the land where time stands still lol. The only time I spent there was several years ago when I was injured on the job for a week. If you're REALLY about to quit, you could try getting a dr note saying you can't lift over a certain number of pounds due to....whatever, say a hurt shoulder (not an on the job injury). They'll either let you move, even temporarily or they'll send you home, and you could just quit.
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    Unfortunately, we're all just robots to management, and once they know you can do the job, they're not going to let you take an easier position just because you want to.
  4. One Does not simply Become a Small sort Employee.
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    Got ur back, Loyal Teamster!

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    If you want to be a least try a little originality.

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    A lot of the small sort employees in my hub are there because they've had an injury at work, and get plugged into a spot that probably doesn't even exist. A good amount have been there only a year or so.
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    My experience has shown me that the least productive workers end up being rewarded by having to sort smalls.

    I don't know why this is so.

    I have never seen really good unloaders, sorters or loaders end up in smalls.

    Maybe you need to be less good at what you are doing.

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    So if I wanted to find you in the hub, I would go to the small sort?

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    BB58 - Words of caution... His meds aren't working today!
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    But if I was your wife, we'd be living in your mother's basement on your $200/week ups check so your mommy can make you a damn sandwich.
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    Lol they're not working cuz Jazzhands can't afford his meds with no health insurance.
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    If you consistently show up to work late, barely have a pulse in the unload, have trouble lifting more than 2 NDA envelopes at a time, can't figure out the difference between RDL and RDR, think the lemonade gatorade bottle left in the truck is actually lemonade gatorade, have committed homicide in more than 3 states, and have bad personal hygiene you are a prime candidate for the small sort.

    If you're a hard worker (stupid parents taught me this) it's too late.
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    And people wonder why management are cynical .....

    Just sayin'.
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    Not that I'm trying to act like the infamous tieguy, but seriously - act like a grown up. Many people are unhappy with their jobs, but they come in and do it anyway. It's nice that the small sort soup asked you to join his team, but let the small sort/unload soup duke it out between themselves.

    If you can get in because of seniority, then that is an entirely different (and, imho, justifiable) issue; but to try and weasel your way in is an insult to the hard working Teamsters around you.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a Teamster.
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    He can change his name 100 times but he will always be called JAZZHANDS. Lol