How to commend a UPS employee?

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    I have no connection to UPS other than as a casual shipper and a very frequent reciever of packages, but I'm wondering how I can go about commending a UPS employee in a way that will actually matter to anyone, i.e., that employee's supervisor.

    One of the customer center employees at a Baltimore location went way above and beyond for a same-day will call I put in, and I'd really like to know how to give props where appropriate. Surely someone here knows.

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    complimentary concern
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    1800 pickups
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    Calling the 800# will result in nothing. Thank him/her in person, maybe invite them to partake in the next office party. As a former driver, I enjoyed getting to know my customers that way.
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    Tell him you will never ship or receive Fedex again.
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    A written or emailed letter to the supervisor/manager (ask the UPSer for a name) is always nice. Be sure to cc the employee so there is a copy for his/her records. Management has a way of forgetting to tell us the nice things sometimes.
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    I believe there is a place on where you can put in a good word. I think I heard that somewhere.
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    First of all Jared,thanks for joining the browncafe.
    You will get varied responses to your query here,just remember that this is not an official ups site.We are mostly employees,and everyone will have different opinions.

    If you do get through,they will get a pat on the back,so if you really care,make it personal and give them a hickory farms cheese box instead.Or a new car if you can afford it.:wink2:
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    I would tell him personally how great he is and maybe give him a gift certificate or something. If you mention to his boss how he went out of his way to help you its likely they will pile more stops on him because he isn't suppose to have extra time to be Mr. Nice.
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    Unless you tell the driver directly he will never hear about the compliment. Just the way it is.
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    Best way would be to go to the Customer Center where this pickup occured, ask to speak with the center Business Manager and let them know. If they are not there, get their name and send them a letter. If you are on Twitter, send a message to @ChrisAtUPS or @EvanAtUPS. Best to stay at the local level to get the most impact. You can also call 1-800-742-5877, ask for the name of your inside sales rep and ask that they call you so you can get their e-mail and send them the message.
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    Send a letter to the Corporate office in Atlanta Ga. This will get attention !!! Thanks for caring and using UPS !!!
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    Reading here is sounds like UPS doesn't really have a good way in handling this. To me that means compliments aren't really welcome from a Top/Down perspective and tells a little bit about the company and the corporate world we live in (self-centered greed). I'd just make sure the individual knows how much you appreciated their assistance.
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    I can tell you from experience that the best way to relay a complimentary concern is through the toll free number (1-800-742-5877) or through the local business manager. When you call the toll free you should request a call back from the center to ensure that the message was received and, more importantly, that it will be acted upon.
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    I work in the baltimore building, whats the drivers name, seriously.
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    It doesnt involve profit so the high ups dont care.
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    Than you for yet another insightful, well-thought out post. You add a lot to the discussion here and I look forward to your next gem with much anticipation.