How To Get A Union Card

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    Here is the link and re-post of R1a's "How-To" on obtaining a union card for those that asked.

    I've forgotten how many times I've posted this link....

    It is a PDF file, one page. I just checked it and the link is still valid (the IBT hasn't given up on the mechanics it seems...)

    Don't count on any help from the IBT - they have given up on Express Couriers. You are on you own. It is a hell of a situation to be in, but there isn't any other way to put it.

    You can put this file on a stick and take it into any copy shop and they can open the PDF -and print out as many "cards" as you want. There is no requirement for it to be printed on heavy stock paper, but people seem to like that better (from experience in handing them out 3 years ago when I was a Courier).

    The card doesn't have the address to send it.... You can either take it into you IBT local (do some research, you can find it), or


    25 Louisiana Ave. NW

    Washington DC 20001

    Their phone number is 202 624 6911

    Might as well call them up (EVERYONE) and create some havoc at IBT HQ. If they get a couple of hundred phone calls tomorrow in regards to Express Couriers, they might just get off their asses and decide that there is some life out there in Express (in regards to organizing), and may do something. It may take 1000 calls, but for those still in Express, what in the hell do you have to lose at this point (you are in the process of losing your dignity, don't let it go without a fight).

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    Thx bud, I was looking for this info as I asked on another thread with no reply. So now people can print these out. Many thx
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    I have a tablet, can't do anything beyond opening the .pdf. And personally, if the IBT won't make any effort neither will I. When I see them outside our building handing them out I will sign one. Otherwise I doubt their commitment to help us and believe they know it's pointless. But you guys with a notebook or desktop go for it.
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    Union card is nothing more the glorified toilet paper

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    Maybe we can use the toilet paper to wipe the s*** off your nose.
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    You couldn't find enough signed cards to wipe properly. May as well use your bare hand.

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    Yeah because as soon as you wipe it off it comes back.
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    Spoken as a true consumer of the Kool-Aid.
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    Bare hands is the way Ground drivers wipe their ass....saves money. Sounds like you enforce the policy with your drivers.