How to get better on your training route? area knowledge development?

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  1. Brownpride816

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    I am training for a Full time permanent position, I feel my route is huge, part of it is in the country, the sup that is training me does not know it himself (he is new to the center). he keeps saying "once I learn it its one of the easiest route of the center". but what do I do untill then? he keeps going around between stops.

    How do you get better?:knockedout:, I get really confused, I guess My question is how do I learn to be better on developing my area knowledge?
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    Is the route close to where you live? If you have a lot of developments write the name of the streets in a notebook, take self notes if you have to. Nothing embarrassing about taking notes if you have to as long as it helps you. Go in early and get a good grip on your load if you have to. Do what you got to do to get those 30 or 40 days in. Good luck brother.
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    The route is about 30 minutes from where I live. I do go In early and fix my load. I have never thought about taking notes. thanks! :)
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    This is something i fear...getting the 1 of 3 training routes that i do not live in.... :-/
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    Youll get it dogg don't worry. Just like anything else its all about repetition. If the 3 training routes are close in the loop you will ad cuts sometimes off them other routes which help with area knowledge. First and foremost get your 30 or 40 in safely then worry about the other stuff. Itll come to ya trust me weve all been down that road youngblood lol.
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    haha I hope so. my sup is all like "you are a very good driver, all u need it learn your route, we have to learn it together" I felt like saying. modafoka thats your job to teach me lol might as well send me out blind haha :).. but I hope I get it soon. its frustrating not knowing where youre going
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    Love it when the supe tries to train you on a route he don't know. Im just like dude you are a bunch of azzclowns lol.
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    We all were as nervous as you when we started. Ask the Sup if he can print a copy of another drivers SPARKS report. That is a list of how a driver delivers that route. Take that report and if you have time, drive the streets on a Saturday to get familiar with the area. But don't worry man, you'll get it.
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    Study the area.
    Many counties now have a GIS department. This is used to locate and mark every residence in the county with an address to be used by emergency services. There is usually a link on the county website to this information. The maps are usually very detailed and depending on the depth of detail with have the name of the owner and a picture of the property. If I ever have a question about a certain address this GIS information has proved invaluable.
    Other than takes time to develop good area knowledge.
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    You may be way other thinking it too.

    Over the course of a week, you will find that 1/2 your stops (maybe a little more or less) are the same every day. Some routes, you can even predict NDA for each day of the week. The rest is just area knowledge and learning how to deliver in loops that get the job done. Some people get it, some do not.

    Also, in most centers, training routes are very doable. In my center, I have only seen 1 person wash out on their 30 day ride. That person could not back up at all and would try to load dock pick ups with a hand cart to avoid backing. Could not do the route with 75 stops and at the time, it normally went out with 110-125.

    Also, do not get overwhelmed by what is in the truck. Do it 1 stop at a time, 1 block at a time, 1 hour at a time. If you do get overwhelmed and find yourself doing something stupid, pull over, punch out and take 10 minutes of break. Get out of the truck and walk around.
  11. brownmonster

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    If your Center team can watch you stop for stop, they can print you out several maps that show you your stops for the day. I used it when I started a new route recently and our cover drivers use it all the time. Shows you every stop in numbered order on a map and you go from there.
  12. kingOFchester

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    A new driver in my center copied a map, blew it up a bit, then laminated the map. He is then able to make notes on the map for his air stops, bulk stops and other things. This way he has quick access to the info. At the end of the day, he is able to wipe it clean for next days workload. You could also add permanent info like pickup locations prior to laminating the map. Works good for that "youngblood".!!
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    Hi I was just wondering when you are on the training route what do you have to do to become qualified?
  14. BrownChoice

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    Show eagerness, be reliable, work hard, do your best, work as instructed, use your brain, dont get injured, dont have any accidents, make few to no mistakes, ask questions, show promise, need i go on?? :-)
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    don't hit nuthin'
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    Ask the sup to print you out the days manifest so you can take it home and look it over. Then google map it on the computer so you can visualize each stop and learn the most effective way to run the route.
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    Its way better to spend a day driving around your route and see everything than just looking at a map. A map is great to help you picture where everything is in relation to everything else but not the same as being there.