How to get into IS?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by Mapp, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Do you need a 4 year IT degree or will a A.A.S be okay?
    What is the starting Pay?
    I'm curious about ISMD.

    Same 10-12 hour days as Operations or do you corporate fellows have a 9-5 deal?
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    All available positions are on and there is no degree required for some of the positions (depends upon the department). There is no base in starting salary for I.S. in NJ; that went out a long time ago. If you join as an hourly, there is overtime pay (but don't you dare put down that you worked any or you will be walking the streets - just do the time and keep quiet). If you go direct into management (sometimes the pay is less than the hourly positions) it is not pretty. The days are long and the pay does not compensate for being on call 24x7. Since we went public, a 12 hour day would be a dream come true as would be a weekend off.

    Did you know that I.S. does not have the same health benefits as the union and for one parent and one child; the cost is $1300/yr.? It came as a shock to me when my child was diagnosed with autism and I learned that health benefits for occupational, physical, speech therapies are exempt from the policy. I thought it was against the state law, but found out that in NJ the medical is a self insured plan so exempt from government regulations. They can pick and choose what is covered and up to what limits per incident. Annual increases are also usually no higher than 1% below the negotiated contract rate and that is if they decide to give you anything (they've been increasing this stunt the last few years as well as demoting people as they near retirement age to reduce retirement payouts (again, company funded plan). Before you switch from a protected position, realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the tracks.