How to get out of the gateway and transfer to ground hub?!?!

Discussion in 'UPS Airline / Gateway' started by Pentel, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Pentel

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    I think PT gateway employees get screwed more than anyone.

    I've been with UPS for over 5 years now and i work less hours then i did 3 years ago, I'm certified to do EVERYTHING at my location and there is absolutely ZERO opportunity for full time in sight. I could submit my PT supervisor papers to earn a little extra money but looks like thats about as high as it gets for us.

    I know my building seniority will start over but i have absolutely zero chance for FT labor work at a gateway and I don't want to keep working two part time jobs forever. Due to the amazing benefits i feel like i'm stuck in not being able to give them up.

    If i transfer to a ground hub am i at the risk of being laid off. Are layoffs based on building seniority or company seniority?
  2. hondo

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    That doesn't sound right. I would expect you should have bidding rights to full time UPS jobs in your Local. Have you read your contract/supplement? I suggest you do so, and talk to your union Business Agent/rep. until you fully understand your bidding/transfer rights and layoff language. You are probably correct about little chance for full-time work at a gateway.
  3. Pentel

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    I have not read my contract/supplement nor do I know how to find it...

    But nobody at my gateway has ever been able to bid on the FT hub job. We actually had 3 package car routes for about 6 months or so from the ground hub and their shop steward fought to get them back.

    Even more so, either this Xmas or the one before last we could not bid on driver helper jobs at the hub! We were encouraged to ask members of our family or our friends to apply but we could not.
  4. Hawaii50

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    you're jumping into the fire if you want to goto grd hub. Unload planes, or unload trailers. Which one do you think is harder?
  5. Pentel

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    I drive a forklift at my other job....

    the other question is....stay at the airport and continue to work two jobs and only get 3.5 hours at UPS....

    or go to a ground hub, get a guaranteed 5 hrs and the potential to go full time and drive.....right now at the gateway it appears to be a ZERO chance to go full time and the ultimate goal is to work FT for ups and drop this dual job thing
  6. Hawaii50

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    if full time is your goal. Then hears a bit of advice. Full time delivery driver jobs you dont pick. that job picks the driver. Working as fulltime driver at ups is not easy as you think. Ask people at your gateway there thoughts on ups fulltime driver. Also there is no going back from full time driver to parttime worker. If can get in as a cover driver thats alot better.

    Right now grd hub workers making 5 hours. Wait till I.E. takes a look at the op. Only 3.5 hours. then you're back to where you started.
  7. hondo

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    Is it possible the ground hub is a different Teamster local? That might explain the package jobs & the reluctance to allow you all to jump during Peak. Just thinking out loud here.
    If you have a steward at the gateway on your shift, get a contract from him/her. If not, call your union hall and ask for a contract and to talk to your union rep. Different Locals have different rules. For example, here, no transfers between the 11 buildings
    (1 is a gateway) in my Local. Company will not [-]allow[/-] agree to it. Not even full-timers, unless changing classification (package to feeder). I am under the impression that one of the New England locals does have an agreement that allows transferring between buildings.And even if it should be allowed under the agreement, there could still be a fight with the company to get it done. I would think a little bit of reading, and a conversation and some note-taking would be well worth it, if it leads to the high paying full time job you desire.
  8. Pentel

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    i was using my forklift job to point out i'm used to the heat and unloading....every monday we get two 53 foot trailers from california (i'm on east coast) packed to the ceiling front and back and of course when i'm in it i'm given the luxury of doing it all by myself...usually takes about 7 hours. Then if its one bill that calls for 48 pieces, I'll have to skid it up and shrink wrap it before loading it to its destination. Thing i hate most is shrink wrapping.

    Other job pays me more but i get no holiday/vacation/sick, no overtime, thats why ideally i'd like FT with ups where i have all those things plus more money. After 5 years at this gateway, i'm getting less hours then i used to, not willing to give ANY overtime and altho i'm certified to drive kloader, beltloader, pushback, forklift, load the plane (CC load designee) is hasn't really accumulated any positive results for me.

    If i can't transfer i feel like all i can do is put in papers for PT supervisor and hope that the ground hub would call me with a job offer and get into driving that way after a few years
  9. Pentel

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    and i will call my union rep, my shop steward is not really on top of things IMO

    I know my union rep is over both the gateway and the ground hub so i'm not sure if that definitively means we are the same teamster local but i believe we are
  10. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    At our gateway their seniority is for both the gateway and the hub.
    You must be in the same union as the hub, if you have the same BA(union rep). You are lucky to get 3.5 where you are. The gateway I use to go to has limited some hours to 11 a week. They only need 180 hrs a quarter to maintain bene's.
    In the bigger centers, it is hard to get a FT job as they have cut, cut, cut.
    The company might not let you go driving after management.
  11. scratch

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    In my area, gateway employees can bid into full-time driving jobs at a nearby Center or Hub. This just isn't common knowledge to most of them though, thats why it is important to ask your Business Agent about things like this. Its difficult to find out when jobs are put up on the Bid List in the other buildings for them. There is a PT to FT list that goes up at the beginning of the year and then when the actual job gets posted.
  12. Logistics

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    As someone that has worked at the gateways and then transferred to the hub, I would give anything to go back to the gateway. I had to quit and get rehired and lost my seniority and pay rate. After two years, I'm still at the bottom of the seniority list. And after doing driver helper for two years, I don't want to become a driver, either. I wish I had never left the air. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

    THETOWN New Member

    It's true about the local in Mass. in regards to being able to transfer between buildings. I think in our local it's 5 different locations. Teamsters who work at the gateway are allowed to bid ft jobs as they become available.
  14. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    At the gateway I use to go to every morning, their seniority list is the same as at the nearby hub.