how to help my SPORH?

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    I was given a tounge lashing a few weeks ago because the onroad stupidvisor said I was running almost 1 hour over everday. There numbers are so screwed up and the route changes everyday but the idiot dosn't seem to understand. One of the old-timers gave me a few tips on helping my numbers, just wondering if any of these tips may help?
    1. Get more signetures when making deliverys
    2. put you leave building time in as late as possible
    3. have as little time as possible from the time you do your last stop from when you clock out for lunch.
    4. put in all packages you pick up from people handing you packages as un-scheduled pickups.
    5. record all overweights during pu and deliverys.
    6. don't do airs and grounds as one stop.
    hope these help me out
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    7. Don't worry about it.
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    As long as you are doing your job right you can not get in trouble for not being fast. Don't worry about it.
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    1. Don't go out of your way to get the signature if it's a DR stop. That is not proper methods and could be seen by management as an attempt to steal time. But, if a customer just happens to show up at the door (after they hear your horn) then by all means, yes, get a signature.
    2. You should refrain from falsifying any record of time as that too could be seen as stealing. Keep times accurate!
    3. Be careful here too. Keep times accurate in DIAD. Don't think you can deliver a stop and wait till you get to McDonalds to stop complete it. Remember GPS!
    4. We are instructed to ONLY put pkgs handed to us by customers on the street as unscheduled pickups if they are anything other than an ARS. Do NOT count an ARS pkg as an unscheduled pickup....again...stealing!
    5. Correct! Always take credit for everything you can. This is an area where many rookies lose
    time. Do not get into bad habits early in your career or it WILL be shortened. With time comes speed and efficiency. Don't ever run either! It's not worth the little time you gain to risk me....been there....done that.
    6. I don't know that not delivering airs and grounds at the same time will help your SPORH. It will increase your total stop count but not stops per hour.
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    Run alot.
    Your sporh goes up and you will fall down by the wayside.
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    Only #6 will help your SPORH.

    #1, 3, and 5 may help your overallowed.

    #2 and 4 may get you in trouble for dishonesty. Record your leave bldg time accurately. Record ARS packages under special counts/PPD.
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    2. put you leave building time in as late as possible

    I think what he means here is put your leave time in last thing before you actualy drive out of the yard, not like before the precheck/that paperwork book in the cab/look at airs or w/e.
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    I have had the sporh crap for years and I never maintain it. Just do everything by the book. We have never had even a single person fired for sporh. Sure, they try, but not one has been successful.
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    Have as slow a day as you can when the sup is riding with you as you can.

    Walk slow steady pace, no running or jogging as they are unsafe and will increase your sporh.

    Do the speed limit even if it says 5, 10, 15 miles per hour as you want to obey the law, be safe and keep your sporh down.

    Get all the signatures you can without being ridiculous. Then when nobody is with you go back to the DR thing.

    Leave bldg time when you hit the street not the seat as we know there is a line leaving the property.

    Return to bldg when you enter bldg as it is not your fault that there are 5-10 people ahead of you pulling group 2's.

    When the sups are with you never add stops period. When you are at UPS store, customer and ltr bxs the ars, rs, oca, asd, etc etc bxs should all be scanned and added to total number of bxs picked up as they are not part of their end of day and scanning them takes time and gives you the pu volume credit.

    Always get credit for over 70's as they do give time allowance.

    Always use the handcart and driver release bags as much as possible for you safety and the value of the goods inside. These take time to reload cart in and out of vehicle, rip off bags tie them off etc etc.

    Always code out safety meetings, union time, etc etc.

    When the sup is with you always reply to every diad message with a detailed message back.

    Always fill out the delivery notice to the very fullest, 1st and last name, full business name, date, time, etc etc...

    Alternate deliveries take time and should always be followed by a delivery notice too!!

    Do your airs and ground as one stop as you do not want to increase sporh. Maybe on those days sup rides with you, you should do straight air and then go back for grounds as it will take time. Your last stop should be delivered as one stop with air and ground together unless it is 10:29 then two so it will not show up late.

    Do not take any short cuts through parking lots, back roads, etc..

    Do not cut accross grass unless you have to. Remember safety first and walkways take longer. Elevators take time too.

    Remember that you can always re-attempt CODS later in the day if they are not ready as a duplicate stop which does not give you extra stop but lowers your sporh.

    If they are not in or closed during airs go back later. It will be extra stop but should still take extra time to reattempt.

    Do all work on the clock, paperwork, diva, sorting, sign off sheets, etc etc...

    If you have to go to the bathroom you do not have to clock out just do not be stupid and take too long.

    Good luck!!!
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    Do your job as trained , be thick skinned, but not mouthy, punch out knowing you did the best you could.
    come to work knowing today you will do your best as you did the day before. Know where you think you may have lost time, the rest you have no clue why the numbers are wrong. You have no access to the pc that they do. Have them run a report of your previous day, and you can tell them step by step what you did, and unless you laid down for an hour, have them show you where you lost it.
    this is where I took my breaks, this is where I took my lunch, this is where I had 3 70 pounders on the third floor. This is where x took 5 minutes for a cod, took 3 minutes to come to the door, accident caused a delay, etc.
    Actually the diad is your friend if you put everything in.

    Other than that just learn to take the beatings.and go home and enjoy your life.
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    It depends on the route. If you have a lot of NDA stops in a small area and the packages are mostly letters/smalls then yeah it helps to knock those out as quick as possible. I know a route where this helps. Another route I know it's quite the oppositve. If you don't do ground during air you are sunk because the air is so spread out.
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    The absolute best advice I can offer is to just do the job as you were trained and don't hit or run over anything with the truck. So, the job like you were trained and don't wreck anything and management can't mess with you.
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    The above advice is all good. But...developing a thick skin is the best advice of all. They cannot do anything to you if you are over allowed. In one ear, out the other. I know it may be hard and you might beat yourself up about it, but don't. Talk to other drivers who don't let things like this bother them for positive reinforcement.
    P.S. Extra mileage always works as long as you don't go too overboard. Don't tell anyone I told you this.
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    Well put, Helen. All you have to do is the best you can. The "develop thick skin" and "in one ear and out the other" is all too true. Some people get bent out of shape because of the management team pushing them to do more and more. What you have to realize is that that Supervisor or Manager was often just chewed out for what happened the day before by their superior, so that is why some PCMs get a little negative sometimes. And they are also addressing those "20% of the drivers causing 80% of the problems". You just have to learn to pay attention to what is important and what is specifically something that relates to your work. I just move at a steady pace all day, the stops always come off one at a time.
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    Don't worry about your stops per hour.

    If you do 30 stops per hour you will have at least 240 stops on your truck everyday for eight hours....Not sure why you would want to pick up stops per hour anyway!


    ps: safety first!
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    And lest we forget when they put those "extra 20 stops" on each route about five years ago to compensate for all that time we were "stealing" from the company for using a DIAD instead of working off paper. There are drivers at our center who still complain about that. Get over it, it's a fact of the new life at UPS. Accept it and you will be happier. More tired from having to deliver those 20 stops, but maybe not so hostile. Yeah, UPS, always throwing something new at us. You gotta love it. Some of the stuff is just down right laughable. They take themselves so seriously at times. Life is short-have a good time!! Maybe that is why SPOH doesn't bother me one whit.
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    I don't even know what my SPORH is right now. It was 17.7 a few years ago. I was Time-Studied last November, but nobody ever got back with me with the results. I haven't looked at an Operations Report in years. I do know I will knock out some sections at twelve an hour, and I have some tight sections I will do 22-25 an hour. This is me looking at my watch and counting stops and figuring it out on my own. The best I ever did was before PAS/EDD. I was told to pull 20 stops off the driver next to me. I pulled two subdivisions that were tight and knocked out 20 stops in 20 minutes on the way to my area.
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    Tell him if he can do any better, he knows where the keys are.
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