How to leave UPS?!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bernadette, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Bernadette

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    I have worked for UPS for 5 years now. I really don't like the work and hours. I feel like I'm wasting valuable time. To be a driver at our hub you have to wait a good 14 years and I HATE feeling like I'm going NOWHERE. I know the long term benefits of staying are unmatchable!!!!! That is what makes this choice so insanely hard! I'm seriously scared... But should I let that fear keep me down in brown? How do I muster up the courage to leave!? I know I will be much happier making less money an hour working more somewhere else... like in retail. I just don't want to regret making this decision! I feel like I still have a chance to be happy in a job. The big brown hole doesn't have the much of a hold on me quite yet.... Thanks!
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    If you figure out where to make 70 large with paid bennies for you and your family let us know.
  3. Bernadette

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    Yea.. I would have to wait another 10 years for that. And I don't even know if I could do driving.
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    guessing you want a job with hours that more easily align with daycare providers
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    That's not the issue. The hours work out well with my boyfriend. It's just a sense of unsatisfactorily and wasted potential that I don't like........
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  7. Dracula

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    Bolt, man. If it seriously takes ten years to go driving where you are at, you could get a PhD in that time. What's to think about? Spend four to six years at UPS getting a dependable degree, getting your insurance paid for, and a lot of tuition. By the time driving rolls around for you, this probably will be an impossible job.
  8. Dr.Brown

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    well, go find a "retail" outlet that has the "bennies" like brown...
  9. serenity now

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    are you working a second job now?
  10. Bernadette

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    No second job... just 2 kids.
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    If you have children, suck it up for the benefits alone.
  12. Dracula

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    If you're going to keep working here, make the most of your time! You've got two kids who are well covered with insurance. But I'll say it again, if you have any knack for school work, take advantage of it. You really don't want to be a driver. The pay and benefits are good, but the hours, especially when you consider your kids, are horrible. I'm 46, and looking back at it now, there is NO WAY I would have stayed as a driver. I would have gotten off my lazy ass and got a college degree in a subject that I had passion for, and made the step to a profession that would have made sense to me. I urge you to consider that option for yourself.
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    If you have a Costco near you you could apply there. Starting pay is 11 an hour benefits are 35 a month and are comparable to ups ( not as good but still) they are the ranked number one in employee salary and benefits. You top out at 21.50 after about 5 years. About 47,000 a year once topped out. I work there and love it, but will stay with brown because 80,000 a yearsounds a lot better! Maybe a good fit for you as a career though.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    I have several friends that work at Costco and they all feel very strong about Costco being a great place to work.
    I have done some IC (Independent Contractor) work there and it really does seem to be a good place to work.
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    I know people who started the same time as me or before who left. I would like to thank them because it only took me five years when the wait was 11 years. The company made a mistake and I filed and got in early. So did about seven others because I figured out what was going on. Man am I glad those others didn't wait and in July when I've already out earned them for the entire year already I thank God because I'm blessed.
  16. PiedmontSteward

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    Get out while you can, if you can find something that can provide the same level of benefits. I'm going on 8 years and I have a four year degree. I'm in for the long haul just for the sake of spite. Also, the pay is pretty decent and I refuse to work a non-union gig for reasons I won't get into.
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    The time you will gain with family is worth more than ups can pay. With 28 in being middle aged, Im not going to leave, but I so wish I had, use your brain, not your braun. They want you to be stuck. I know others who left, and still make great money with other companies. Ups is not the only company that pays well. Maybe not as well, but you already know the pay off. Forget Christmas. You will have toothpicks on your eyelids helping your spouse stuff the stockings, and trying to enjoy Christmas with the kids, forget it, it is not worth it.
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    Right now, 22.3 jobs are going to people with 3-5 years in, at our hub.
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    Why not go to trade school of sorts. My brother in law runs a paver. Only works 9 months a year and makes pretty much what I do with great benefits. If your willing to do the work there are jobs out there but they are no cake walk.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    UPS is not the "end-all/be-all" that some people here make it out to be, especially as a part-timer; however, with two young children, the health benefits are hard to beat. I like the Costco suggestion--they may be able to work with you by scheduling you to work when the kids are in school. Good luck.