How to Make Money of the Rumor of a Strike?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Tuesday or Wednesday of last week a supervisor was overheard saying UPS was going to lock the Teamsters out. Some of you may know this gentleman personally. One of his favorite phrases is “if you ever tell anybody I said this I’ll deny this conversation ever took place.”

    Apparently this supervisor isn’t worried about customers diverting their volume to FedEx. Teamsters were told to keep their mouths shut to prevent that. This is the exact arrogance management displayed towards the Teamsters back in 1997.

    I’m shorting the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: out of UPS stock.
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    that's one way.

    right now the harassment level has dropped because the contract may be up fpr a vote and they are trying to be "nice"

    so do everything by the book and make more money. they won't bother you.

    an honest buck.
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    A supervisor said... enough said. Supervisor's opinion on this matter aren't worth two cents... thy aren't involved in negotiations in a meaningful manner and their vote doesn't count. They don't have a role until after we vote. Is this supervisor a parrot that crows the company line as fed to him by his superiors? It may have just been someone's idea of having some fun at our expense.

    More importantly, why would they lock us out? I'll bet they let scabs clock in and run 60 hours a week if we strike. If we were still privately held... perhaps. I doubt stockholders have the patience for a lockout. But... never say never.
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    Perhaps a little harsh at the expense of astute supervisors. I got impression this supervisor is in the habit of "offline" conversations that he doesn't want getting back to his superiors. I envisioned this coming from a casual offhand remark made in a conversation amongst peers in the office so the supervisor chose to walk out in the shop and add some fuel. If I misread the situation, then my apologies to those involved.
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    So a short strike might bring the price down to the mid $70s a long one maybe 30s-40s. July $77.50 puts has the largest open interest at 5810. You can buy them at $.93
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    The better money would be made by selling employment insurance to UPSers.
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    LECMPA covers wages during a strike?
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    Thanks for the information......I will pass this on to our Local.
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    Your talking about the same sups who leave routes sitting because they didn't look at the center manager's calendar that showed the employee scheduled the day off two weeks ago, that supervisor?
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    A good rule of thumb to bear in mind when talking to management.... is that any manager who is at the level where they would speak directly to an hourly employee is by definition at a level where they would not be informed about anything that goes on at contract negotiations. Think about it. Why would they give such sensitive information to a "manager" when they wont even let him make a basic operational decision?
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    "One of his favorite phrases is “if you ever tell anybody I said this I’ll deny this conversation ever took place.”

    And this is suppose to narrow it down to a specific supervisor?

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    I think they are taught that phrase in mgmt training school....
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    you could also buy some fed ex stock.