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    Plain and simple .....I work for FedEx and I'm FedUp!! I'm not a union type of person but when a company goes out of its way to treat people like trash it pushes people like me to the limits. Since the day of January 30th 2011 when FedEx Freight merged with FedEx LTL the onslaught of employee abuse from upper management has been terrible. You breath wrong and you're busted. I'm not a driver or a dock worker but a mechanic from the So Cal. area. There was a time when management and employees were good friends. We hung out and had partied together but the rules and regulations has turned people against each other and now we are at each others throats like dogs and that's exactly how they want it. The stress of FedEx employees is unreal and we are FedUp with FedEx. If I get fired I want it to be for something worth while not because an "out of service" tag fell off a unit I worked on or because i couldn't account for 5 minutes of "service repair time" because I was in the rest room stall. I've been discussing this issue with fellow mechanics and some are hesitant or scared and some , like me, are ticked off as hell. I'm a hard core conservative and all for capitalism and profits but not for mistreatment and unwarranted abuse of people for the sake of. What do I do to start this? Is there a meeting I can go to and bring fellow employees to so we can get ideas? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the bc Fedup,I'm a pkg driver for ups,but I feel your pain.
    If you like,we can move this to fedex discussions,you are more likely to get better advice there
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    I'm new to this page so what do I do?
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    We're all for you. Maybe 705red or grgrcr88 can give you some good ideas.
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    Hoax moved your thread to fedex discussions....good luck
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    I would call your local Teamster union hall and ask to set up a meeting with their Organizer and a group of your most motivated fellow mechanics. There are strategies to proceeding that you need to consider.

    I wish you the best in your fight for respect.