How to purchase the tractors


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I saw the post on purchasing the package cars, but what about the tractors? Does anybody know if UPS sells them? If so where?


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They're scrapped here. I wouldn't buy one-only for a demolition derby. The spindles on the rear of our Macks were replaced saving the company thousands. IMHO that's good so I won't have to worry about driving the uncomfortable, noisy, Internationals.


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I could direct you to a local LTL carrier retiring their spare tractor, its a '74 International, but probably not as prestigious:tongue_sm or worn out:lol: as a "brown" one.


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Yep, we have a couple of those million mile tracters ourselves Ba Ba Booie. It's amazing how our motor- head mechanics keep these old dogs running. I guess it helps with an unlimited budget. I wonder if any Center around is still using the old cab over engine design? I heard bobtailing with those in the rain was taking your own life in your hands.


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A couple of years ago in Feeder Training, the old vcr training tapes are all with the cab over trucks...and I think Hugh Downs was the narrator and late model 60's and 70's vehicles in the background.