How to speed up grievance process?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Upsanddowns2016, Jan 25, 2016.

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    I have only been a full time driver for about 1.5 years. I was hired full time with a group of about 8 other drivers. During the first 8 months, I was continually sent home while drivers with less seniority and even RTD drivers were given routes. I requested to bump them and was denied each time. I filed a grievance each time that happened. There were some weeks, I only worked three days. I did not work most of January and February last year. The big wig over our center was either fired or quit about 6 mos. ago, no one is saying. No one has officially taken his place. In that timeframe, there has been one grievance hearing with management. There were so many grievances, they never made it to my file. My steward has no idea when there will be another meeting. Do I have any options for getting these heard?
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    Call your Local and ask to speak with the BA.

    It's his responsibility, to schedule to grievance hearing with the company.

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    ...because the BA may not realize this?

    After all, it's only been a year, right?

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    I feel your pain, truly.
    There grievances in my work group that are years old.
    It's an absolute joke.

    I hate to do it, but here is my next stop.
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    You have to hold the Local accountable.

    It's up to the members.... to do that.

    Not a surprise (with your Local).

    Take that "observation" for what it's worth.

    Why would you hate to do it ?

    If you don't do it.... Who will ? The Newbies ?

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  7. wide load

    wide load 4 10’s without OT is a concession.

    Best way to speed up a grievance with a positive result, keep it out of TDU hands.
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    Fastest way to get a year old grievance heard? Get a new business agent election.
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    It's funny you say that.

    They (TDU) start out.... as a big plump grape.

    Get them in front of the company (with their grievance)....

    And, they wind up as a shriveled raisin.

    All talk.

    But, the Local Teamsters.... did them wrong. :biggrin:

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    I keep hoping they will wakeup and I can spare them and the local the embarrassment and the expense.
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    They will help you hahahahahah just pay those dues!!!!!!