How to turn a missing vacation check into a possible disciplinary hearing

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  1. So I'm on vacation starting tomorrow so I should have got my vacation check on 5-27. No check so I told the acting preload supervisor it was no problem just have it next Friday (6-3). He told me he put the inquiry in and it would be there. Sure enough, on Friday it was not here.
    I saw the drivers steward on the belt and he said he would go talk to the center manager about it. Ten minutes later he comes down and says they want to see me after my shift that I had 4 misloads on Wednesday that week. Well with the sheer volume of packages my unit gets I had three people helping me load my unit that day. They never said a word to me Thursday but come Friday when I'm asking for my already late a week vacation check all of a sudden it's time to go to the office!! This is a few months after I was given a breakfast sandwich for only having 1 in 1,800+ misloads!!
    My steward then comes to me as my shift was ending and says that they don't want to see me now, that they "dropped the ball" on my vacation check, and that they will have them next day my check to my building on Saturday. So in other words I am supposed to blow another $10 of gas money and an hour of my time to get my check at my building?? I don't think so.
    I never did call Saturday to see if it was there because I was working my 2nd job. I'd love to file a grievance but it's not worth the target on my back....especially with 0 support from this so-called union around here. They already have me in sights for questioning supervisors working. In my last local in Ohio I'd have filed and they'd have sent my check to my house end of story. (Had it happen once)
    I don't know how I can put up with this BS another 11 years!!
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    The NDA vacation check goes to YOU on Saturday, not just to your building!!! (Though it may go to your building first on its way to you.)
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    Not to downplay the situation, but direct deposit would save the trip to the building...
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    Not to downplay the situation, but somebody at UPS doing their job would of saved a trip to the building.....
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    Penalty pay isn't worth it? I LOVE ME SOME PENALTY PAY!!!!
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    Penalty pay would not apply if the check was in the center on the Saturday before his vacation.
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    No, I believe that if the check is over $30 for a PT, the company has two business days to get the check to the employee from when UPS was notified of the shortage.

    The company was notified what day, the Friday before, 5/27? And the check was in the office 6/4 ,...

    I would grieve it. The company dropped the ball. They had two days from Friday the 27th, which leaves this case opened to be grieved from Tuesday to tomorrow (Tuesday) in this area, seven days.

    Also, the company can write you up for misloads however you should grieve that as well. Fair and equal treatment is likely not applied as others with as many or more misloads were not disciplined equally. (I'm going out on a limb and assuming that is the case)
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    Another FT 22.3 in our hub was shorted 8 hours of pay PRIOR to peak.

    She was paid $1400 last week, $1200 in penalties.

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    Article 17, Paid For Time, paragraph 3 states "wages for properly selected vacations, in all instances, will be paid to the employee no later than the workday prior to their vacation. If the employee does not receive his/her vacation check, the Employer will make all reasonable efforts to provide the check the following day including delivery by Saturday or Next Day Air."

    There is no penalty pay applicable here as the check was made available the day before his vacation.

    (Don't you hate it when a non-Joe Union quotes the contract?)
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    To those who suggested direct deposit--the company will not process an EFT for a green check. They will process the green check using the employee's regular tax rate, not at the bonus rate as was done in the past.
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    No I don't hate it, thank you for correcting me.

    The problem I have is you are saying there is no penalty pay. We don't know if the check was there on Saturday, you are assuming that it was.
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    I will admit it. Yes, sometimes I do. :rofl:
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    Yes, my statement was based on the asssumption that the check was available on Saturday.
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    Don't be afraid to put in a grievance, there is no target on your chest, they dropped the ball not you. Let's stand up for ourselfs. It's time for change---- change to favor us.
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    If the OP ever decides to update this thread, we will know, because he/she would have the NDA S letter.
    My guess is an easy one - no way Jose, they didn't get it.

    They used the "misload" threat as leverage intimidation against filing a grievance or attempting any union action for the missing vacation pay.

    That green check costs money and certainly shows up on some report, somewhere down the line. That is why the company REFUSES to pay payroll errors in green checks, if at all. They just want "adjustments" on their time and at their discretion no matter the value.
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    I have been the potential recipient of many green checks. I have never received one. They always paid me the following week. Grieve and get the penalty pay. They screwed up by not paying you correctly. They do this every day every where in the entire country. "Roll the dice and see what we can get away with."
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    Agree with those.
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    The contract is a legal document between TWO parties.
  19. i have direct deposit!!!!
  20. Well guess is NOT here, as in my house here!!