How UPS Plans to Deliver a Low-Carbon Future


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How UPS Plans to Deliver a Low-Carbon Future - Triple Pundit

Everyone is familiar with the sound of the UPS delivery truck, the rattle of its engine as it comes around a corner and, of course, the squeal of the brakes as it pulls up in front of your house. But that sound might become a thing of the past—and quite possibly sooner than you think.

As Michael Holder of BusinessGreen recently reported, the logistics giant is considering major changes in its equipment strategy going forward—including, in the words of UPS European director for sustainability Peter Harris, "How do we go beyond the diesel truck?"

As more and more of the world's economy is moving online, commercial heavy lifting has literally fallen onto the shoulders of delivery companies. Therefore, it’s up to them to find ways to facilitate this surge in deliveries more sustainably and affordably, for both their own and the planet's survival.