How will you vote on $200 retire health and union helth plan?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Evil

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    Numerous emails have gone out to shop stewards indicating that hall has agreed to sell out retirees on healthcare, bringing their total healthcare cost from $50 to $200 a month. It looks like he's also agreed to move the remaining 50% of UPSers on company health plans to the inferior union health plans.

    I will not vote in favor of selling out my hardworking retiree brothers and sisters. How about the rest of you?
  2. foundinload

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    Too late!
  3. slantnosechevy

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    Stop listening to rumors. The IBT hasn't agreed to any monetary issues. They don't meet again until the 15th of April. Take a deep breath and step back. This is going to go 15 rounds. The company as usual states in the beginning that they want to meet early and settle early for the usual reasons. And as usual they ask the Teamsters to go backwards and then drag their feet at the negotiating table. Unfortunately this is how it works. In the past both sides have been equal in what they ask for, but this time it's the company asking for the moon. Would you expect anything less from a company that eats their own? Anyone with half a brain saw this coming and put some money away just in case. I see a fair settlement a long way off yet. People will just have to wait until that last best final offer comes. Until then stop listening to TDU rumors, feeder driver's rumors, and company scare tactics.
  4. Evil

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    As a matter of fact, I received that email from my local. Any many other shop stewards have received this email too. I am voting NO!
  5. balland chain

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    Hell down south in the Central States plan we already have to pay 200 per month for insurance when we retire and that is for a single person. A married person who wants to put his/her spouse on their insurance will pay 500 per month for insurance and, you can only get that if you are 55 years old..Our Union really screwed us Central States members with this overpriced :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty insurance. When I started 26 years ago, we had 20 and out with paid insurance as well as 25 and 30 out with paid insurance. All that is gone, except for the 25 and out and hell with the way things are going that may be gone this year.. Bottom line is contract after contract our Union has sold us out and we are now at a place where there is no more to give. Retiring when I had planned on it is gone.

    The Central States plan is horrible at best. They will not pay claims, and if you file an appeal it is always denied.. They are a bunch of crooks, that embezzled millions of the members money. Nobody was ever held accountable for the missing funds.. go figure !

    Personally, I would rather get on the companies insurance plan even if I had to pay a small amount. I would save several thousands of dollars each year. I would never consider paying more that 100 per month for insurance so the companies proposal for the 30/60/90 is out of the question.. Of course I would rather pay nothing, for good insurance , if I were given an option of free Central States, or a small amount for good insurance, I would pay the small amount for good insurance.

    I will never understand why our Union ever allowed the corrupt Central States to handle our insurance and pension... bottom line THEY SUCK !!!!
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What proof do you have that the Teamster health care plans are inferior to the company plan?
  7. slantnosechevy

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    One more time.....monetary issues are not settled. Both sides have numerous proposals still on the table. Your local does not have the last best final offer. To email members what has been proposed versus what has been negotiated and agreed upon is crazy. More conjecture from people who don't have a seat at the table.
  8. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    Prove them all wrong. Post the email!
  9. brownmonster

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    Our retiree healthcare is presently over $500 a month so $200 sounds good. I'm already in a superior union provided healthcare fund.
  10. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    How can you vote "NO" on a tentative agreement that hasn't even been inked yet?
  11. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Sounds like my wife...Says No...before she even knows the question!!!!
  12. Evil

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    They've come to an agreement no the healthcare issue for both the active and retirees. I've never voted yes for any contract, why would I for this that appears to be even worse than the last one?
  13. LongTimeComing

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    Do you believe in Bigfoot?

    There's a show on the Discovery Channel about them....must be true.
  14. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I know nothing about other districts but in Central States I always was under the assumption that each Local dealt with their own health coverage. Some Locals found better deals than others so for the most part each Locals members paid differently. When I retired in 2001 I paid 50 bucks a month for medical and prescription (6 bucks co-pay on prescriptions). That covered both me and the wifey poo. When I turned 65 and lost their coverage I was paying 150 bucks a month (9 bucks co-pay on prescriptions. When I went searching for supplemental insurance just before turning 65 I had insurance companies tell me that they don't even write policys that were as good as I had before losing my retirement insurance.
  15. P700slave

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    Ill vote no. Just because that's what my wife tells me all the time. :surprised:
  16. 3 done 3 to go

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    No question about it- NO!!!!
  17. downtime8763

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    I have retirement insurance through the company (our center opted out of central state years ago) and am currently paying $400 a mo for my wife and I . I received a letter the it is to go up a shade under $100 effective August first,I guess pending the contract. Everyone must consider retirees in all contracts and the benefits we receive as unless their going to throw in the towel under 25yrs it's going to affect you.And after almost 37yrs I feel my wife of 36yrs has earned it as much as me. Until there is an offer don't jump to conclusions and say no !!!!!
  18. Monkey Butt

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    Stink is still waiting on an answer.
  19. realbrown1

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    I guess it has to come out of hall mouth before anyone will believe the sun will rise tomorrow.
  20. raceanoncr

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    I, too, was in Central States but opted into the UPS plan that's been offered for some time now.

    When retired, it was $200 apiece. I lost that when I turned 65. As Rod says, now I'm paying that and more for supplements that aren't even CLOSE that what I was getting for $200.

    And what did I get for that $200? Just about exactly what I was getting when I was still working and it was, to me, free. Oh, yeah, $10 here and there for co-pays but so what?

    I ain't gonna scream but I'm am gonna ask this: Where else can you get this kinda insurance for $200. If you can find it, PM me and I'll gladly sign up.
    For those of you that think this is hokey, you better get out in the world more often.

    Wish I could still get it. Thankfully, wife still is...until SHE turns 65. The, she too, gets to ENJOY (?) Medicare.