How would you go about finding out available TSG jobs in other areas?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by pbateman, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    Had a quick question, I work in TSG in FL but my gf (and I personally) are a bit tired of FL. If we were to move to a different state, how could I go about looking for IT opportunities in such areas (within UPS)?
    I thought there would be some sort of internal UPS job board but I was informed this is not the case. I am on my 6th year in UPS and obviously would like to continue to work in UPS TSG after moving if possible....
    Again this is in the very initial stages, nothing set but we're looking at places such as Denver, Chicago, Raleigh and Louisville.
    I know of people who have come here to FL from say, NY and they've had to literally quit in NY and come to FL and hope to get rehired. I find it hard to believe that UPS being so big does not have a bit more of assistance in terms of at least listing available jobs for employees?
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    I used to be in TSG and the transfer policy was posted on There were strict reasons such as marriage, education or health issues for a transfer to be granted. Unfortunately being tired wasn't one of the acceptable reasons. You can quit and get rehired. But why not shop your skills in the places you want to move to and see what you can get outside of UPS. And besides, isn't TSG dying a slow torturous death anyways?
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    Thanks for the info, i had heard there were reasons under which you could ask for a transfer, good to know which are they. I actually just checked in UPSers and found what you were talking about! One of them is if your spouse or 'domestic partner' gets a job elsewhere....that might work too since my girlfriend is looking into also finding something trough her current employer....only thing is i dont know if she would be considered my 'domestic partner' since we're not married or is that only for gay couples.
    As far as branching out of UPS, yeah that's an option but given the job market nowadays, i figured it'd be easier to get something in UPS in that new location, already being a UPS employee, than start from zero in a new place and risk being jobless for an extended amount of time.
    Yeah TSG may be dying but might still get me a foot in the door elsewhere...who knows... thanks again though!!
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