how you spend your vacation time/days?

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    I'm sitting here 1st week into my 5 weeks of vacation. Yes I take it all at once (lol). I always take all my vacation at once. I've only been with the company 15 years 6 part time 9 combo. And when I've taken a week here or there I never feel like I had time to relax or get away. So for the past 5 years I've taken it all at once vacation and option week. Usually I'll go somewhere a lot of central and south America and then sit back for a week at home before going back to work. How do you guys like to pass your vacation time? How do you use your weeks and what type of places do you guys go too?
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    I work on my beer drinking skills!
    Trying to get as good as cosmo1 and Oldngray
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    My recycling bin, tells a different story!
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    I'm gonna start my vacation,as soon as I burn up this 8 hour day!
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    Good luck with that!
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    No way could I take it all at once. I prefer to
    Work on all the projects I can't do normally because of lack of time. The wife prefers to go somewhere and spend lots of money.

    I always need a few days after I get back to wind down though.
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    That must be great for their neighbor's property values...
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    I make shiny flowers and pinwheels out of beer 2014-07-14-12-54-44-141705173.jpeg
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    IMG_20140714_162216.jpg Week 2 of my vacation
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    Had trouble posting more than 1 image at a time still learning this forum.IMG_20140714_162256.jpg

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    I have the last two weeks in August, running into Labor day. I will have my six grandchildren, the 7th is too young to come for 2 weeks. We will fish, swim, hike, explore. We will cookout, camp, all the fun stuff. Also go to a drive in. We tried last yr, but the place was closed, after Labor day only open weekends. They have never been to one. I will also drive 2000 miles. maybe less if my son meets me halfway. Either way I will need a week to recover! They just love Grammas garlic mushrooms, and green beans, with carrots. I dont know why, but they want them every day.
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    Not Lake Erie? I saw the algae is toxic this year.
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    No, not Lake Erie, although we may go there to visit my other son. But he has a pool. I have a small man made lake, where the bluegills are plentiful. We could go perching, on Lake Erie, but not all at once. I havent done that with them in several years. But to see their little faces light up, and want to stay out and fish til it hurts, is awesome. We got 150 a day, last time we went. Great eating!
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    I work around the house.
    Haven't been on a real vacation since I started at ups.
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    that beer can house is my home town. actually, it is more than one thing to see besides just that. It is an older part of town and a bunch of artists moved in and did their thing. It is a an area where a lot of people take tours. I have to admit, I've lived here all my life and I've never visited it though. They also have a giant art car parade, the largest in the country, for the last 27 years
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    I try to have at least 2-3 projects planned and paid for to start my vacation. For instance, I am on vacation the week of Labor Day and will have a whole house water filtration system installed and will start to paint my kitchen, dining and living rooms. I always make sure to take one day to relax and do nothing. I will probably drive down to visit my daughter and go shopping for baby stuff.

    Resident know-it-all.
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    You don't take me perch fishing. :(
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    But I would............