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  1. Pollocknbrown

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    How Do your inside 22.3ers work 2 shifts on the inside day in and day out. I just id my fourth triple shift in 2 weeks (afternoon twi and night) and i wanna blow my brains out. (but not until i see my check.:happy-very:)
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If it's too hot in the kitchen, get out. I hear McDonald's is hiring.
  3. Baba gounj

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    In my building 22.3 and all clerical are strictly prohibited from all OT.
    Its rough getting buy on just 8 hrs a day year round.
    Just last week mgt wanted me to do " them a favor " , a shuttle run that normally is done by a PT ( who is allowed to get unlimited OT ), but to avoid OT for me they requested that I start work 2 hours later than my normal time.
    I refused .
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    the 22.3 jobs in my hub are a cakewalk. imagine driving around the county picking up drop boxes, a few businesses, meeting a few drivers, then shuttling this stuff to the airport for about 5 hours of work. Then come back to the hub and work small sort until you get your 8 in. No overtime allowed but damn these guys have it easy.

    WE don't have any combined inside/inside 22.3 jobs. All of them are air driver / inside.
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    Ya there are a couple combo air driver inside jobs in my hub but i know of like 10 ppl ive met in my time at UPS(and i dont fray too far from the unload/ sort aisle so i imagine there is more of them).

    And upstateNYUPSer..... i wasnt complaining about the heat in the kitchen, i was merely stating that if i worked FT solely on the inside that i'd never last. But hey thats ok you didnt know what i meant by my post thanks, and mcdonald's in my town isnt hiring actually.

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    Every part of the country is totally different on these guys. In my hub, one of the biggest, these guys have a soft side and a hard side. Soft side is relatively o.k.(4 hrs). But they all have to load trucks on the hard side(4 hrs). They have to work pretty hard on the load side. The only problem is attendance. I see these guys get away with so much. Work alot of half days or call off totally.
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    Ya that is a decent sized problem here too is attendance, i watch ppl strolling in 1/2+ hrs late all the time and the sups just shrug and look the other way and throw them in a truck.
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    I don't want to condone the use of illegal drugs, but when I worked in the hub, the guys doing triples would smoke a duba after every shift. Thats how they managed.

    My body couldn't handle the pain of 2 shifts(and I was 25 for heavens sake) so I would need to take 1 aleve to unload or load for 2 shifts.
  9. Pollocknbrown

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    ya it wouldnt have been bad if they let me unload sort unload for the three shirts or unload unload sort, but they always seem to throw me in the unload for all 3, kinda gets monotonus.
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    You need to look at your paychecks hard to see if all that overtime is even worth it. I have found if I work more than 8 hours overtime, the "extra" money on my paycheck is almost negligible. Really, look at your past paychecks and compare your hours worked and money earned to see if it is worth working all that overtime. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.