How's peak 2019 brothers?


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This looks worse than 2013 or 2014 or whatever who can remember.

When I left the building literally thousands of boxes stacked everywhere. Boxes everywhere fun guys walking around asking me if I've seen an empty truck they can go take. "you seen any empty trucks?"

Well buddy there's a lot of uhauls around

Did thirteen hours today broke every personal record for my own route. Most pieces, most stops, and we are just barely starting.

Get back Late late, fool timer their, "I'm just going to sleep here". Salute. I'll see you tomorrow mngmt in a few hours

Bring on seventy hours

I'm taking my time on this ride


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The Driver

I drive.
Put 12 in yesterday. They didn't hire enough seasonal help. Labor market is so tight I don't have a helper this year. First year in my 6 years in that I haven't had a helper.


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I made a promise to myself that I would limit myself to 12 hour days, working in the center. I have failed miserably at keeping that promise. I do however strictly adhere to only working 5 hours on Sunday, and making that Saturday doubletime punch count.


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Got my last stop off 20 minutes ago. Waiting to 4pm to do my last pickup. Then headed to the building. I'll be home whacking it before the sun goes down.