hr clerical error denied me a promotion. how should i handle this?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by preloader9144, May 13, 2016.

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    So i was called to be a full time driver, however when they ran my background check it came back with false information causing me to be ineligible. I appealed it showed them my court documents proving i was eligible and it got reversed. However this process took a month and by the time everything was good they had filled all the driver positions and are now telling me they have no options for me. Does anyone know how i should handle this??
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    Guy in my building had his license revoked for an unpaid parking ticket. He lost his driving slot as a result. By the time he got it reversed, the next in line was already 3 weeks on the job. He was told to wait for the next slot. Took another year before he could go FT.
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  4. Mugarolla

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    Here's what you could do.

    Grieve it. Company error.

    UPS could be forced to train you and then have your seniority date reverted back to the date it should have been.

    Here is what UPS will do. Abide by the grievance settlement, train you, but then disqualify you before you get your 30 days.

    You then could have to wait a year to try again.

    Your call.
  5. By The Book

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    I don't think UPS is going to purposely disqualify someone for an error that was corrected. It would be of no benefit to them to hold a grudge over this member. They could train this driver with a little influence from the local and do the right thing. If talking doesn't move UPS to do the right thing, then a grievance is necessary. Is UPS in a tough spot?, yes, and so is the employee who's seniority is being denied.
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  6. silenze

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    I don't think it's an error on ups. It was probably the third party background service they used. I think they acted in good faith. You really expect them to wait a month?
  7. Lead Belly

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    If ups disqualifies you in the central region and there's another bid in three months you don't have to wait another year FYI.
  8. Lead Belly

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    If I was the member I would grieve the back seniority after qualifying. We had a case like this and that's how it played out.
  9. BigUnionGuy

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    There is no doubt, the company can be vindictive.

    It sounds like an error on the courts behalf. (Or the reporting agency)

    Corrected.... But, a missed opportunity.

    Honest mistakes happen.

    How you resolve them, shows the character of the parties.

    If the facts are correct.... a backdated seniority date, would be appropriate.

  10. barnyard

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    I am in central too. DQ means waiting a year.
  11. barnyard

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    The guy in my building has told others, "If you are close to signing a bid, go to the DMV and pull your own driving record. Correct any errors before it gets to bid signing time."
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    Most states allow you to download your abstract----in NY they charge $7 and is the very same abstract that the company will get.

    To the OP----I believe that this was an honest mistake on the company's part and rather than put pen to paper I think you should sit down with them and try to work out an equitable solution. You should not be penalized nor should the company be blamed for an error beyond their control.
  13. Lead Belly

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    Not in my local but in my local the guy who actually writes the language is the principal officer. So I guess that's why ups actually follows the contract. Another reason I love being in the local I'm in. Great dudes.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    File a grievance.
    Bid on the next driver position.
    How was this an HR Clerical error? Please explain.
  15. Inthegame

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    If this error was from UPS or a third party records agency UPS hired, I'd be grieving and asking to be made whole including any lost earnings/benefit opportunities along with back dated seniority.
  16. Mugarolla

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    Local language, not Central Region Supplement language. One year in the Central Region Supplement.

    Good for your local for having better language than the Supplement.

    To UPS, this would be too much work. They will then have to hear grievances from the other drivers that qualified and had this guy move ahead of them. I know it should be this way, but to UPS, the easiest way is the easiest.

    UPS has another easy way to deal with this. OP files grievance, walks into the hearing, UPS claims point of order, untimely grievance.

    The OP was denied driver training. He has 5 days per the contract to grieve it. More than a month and it still is not grieved.

    This is why every building needs a good Steward. This should have already been grieved.

    What were the facts? Say 3 other drivers already qualified. John Doe starts 6 months later, but should have started before the other 3. His seniority date is the first day he started driving, or the first day of school, whichever. Not the date he won the bid for driver training. How can he grieve his seniority date to be 6 months earlier.

    I think he got lucky on this and the parties involved did the right thing and it will probably never happen again.

    True. But UPS has no character.

    Although it sounds like they did this at least once per Lead Belly.


    Great advice.
  17. Lead Belly

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    Actually the language is intended for if you disqualified yourself you wait a year. If the company disqualifies you then you don't have to wait a year. This is how it is. If you are disqualified twice by the company then you wait three years. That's the intention and interpretation of the language. It's in stone.
  18. Mugarolla

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    That is what the language says, and you may be correct about the company disqualifying someone on their first attempt. It does not say 1 year. Only the second attempt.

    I have never come across this issue. A couple over the years were disqualified for an accident, but every other driver qualified.
  19. HardknocksUPSer

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    I believe UPS should promote you and the guy who took your place to full Time drivers.
  20. Mugarolla

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    I agree. But when does UPS ever do the "right" thing.

    Only when they are forced to through the grievance process, and then they fight that tooth and nail.