HR Manager was a Weirdo

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    When I was going though the process at UPS the HR managers were absolute tyrants and had :censored2:ty attitudes. They seemed miserable. On my observation ride day I was waiting in the office to be assigned my driver. I was there 45 minutes and had to sit with this total bitch who looked completely miserable and kept giving me dirty looks. She was also a total bitch every time I had to talk to her on the phone too. Couldn’t even answer basic questions just gave me the number for some union guy who was pretty cool. I was thinking while sitting there in her office that it would be great if she had a massive heart attack and died right there on the spot. I was actually praying for it to happen. And after I resigned I had to drop off the :censored2:ing uniforms. I threw them in a black garbage bag and left it on the stoop next to the HR door, rang the :censored2:ing doorbell and rolled out.
    See ya UPS

    I turned down UPS at the last minute this July (2018) after finishing Integrated and less then 2 days before my start date.
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    Good job. Now.go back to an spelling school.
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    And 2 months later you still post here
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    Big F*n deal, now GTFO of here and quit your whining.
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    Jimmy cracked corn and I ...
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    Now you can quit posting here please
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    No rehire box
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    That’s what they said about some of our seasonal feeder drivers the last few years... we’ll guess who keeps on getting hired back...lmao. They are desperate
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    You must be a snowflake!
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    Sounds like one of the nicer UPS management people!
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    "You are a wimp that cries like little beotch"... Dean Wormer

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    Damn, you got me! I knew only a true hardcore snowflake like yourself would be able to see through my charade. I know you are very busy, but perhaps you might have some time someday to show me how to be a real snowflake.