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  1. mikeny

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    is there a difference between a HUB and a Center?

    when i look on Google Earth some of the Centers look like little stores in some areas.

    i'm using this as a guide to relocating.
  2. cachsux

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    Hubs as the name implies are larger buildings that loads come into to be dispersed to ctrs and go out of having been condensed from ctrs to move packages around the country. Look at it like the hub of a spoked wheel with the spokes being ctrs. It is possible to have ctrs within a larger hub building.

    If your looking for advancement the larger the building the better. More jobs, more opportunities.
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    +1 but sometimes in a small center you have people from all walks of life. Who are there for benifits or just part-time or they would never subject themselves to the rigorous driving jobs. So you never know what opportunity will pop up at one or the other.