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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by steamheat, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. steamheat

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    The other day I had a question for human resources so I found the UPS 800 number in the book and called. I told the operator I wanted the phone number for human resources in Atlanta.
    What followed was quite bizarre.

    Why do you want to talk to them?
    What is this about?
    Where do you work?
    I don't have that number.
    I'll have to ask my supervisor.
    I am going to connect you with someone else.

    After talking with no fewer than 3 people and suffering a similar barrage of questions each
    time I finally was given an 800 number for human resources. That number connected me to one of those mind-numbing menu of options none of which were pertinent to my question. Nowhere in this
    recorded maze was I given the opportunity to speak with a member of the human race.
    Never did reach human resources and still don't have an answer to my question.

    What are these people afraid of? Has anyone else had a similar experience?}
  2. tieguy

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    What was the original question?
  3. ups79

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    steamheat, had the same problem. None of the selections pertained to what I was trying to find out. In the end tossed the receiver down talking to myself. why so difficult to get an answer.
  4. smf0605

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    Why would you try to talk to HR in Atlanta when you have an HR department in your own district?
  5. feederdude

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    As tieguy stated, what was your question? Maybe someone on this board can direct you to some helpful information.
    I believe H.R. is H.R.---Not all UPS employees live by the golden rule, even H.R. managers sometimes don't deserve to be trusted. If any UPS employee wants or needs to contact Atlanta, then they should have that available to them.
    But, please state your concern!!!
  6. upslocal480

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    Some questions can be taken to your sups at your location and some should be taken up with HR. If you work in an "extended center" then you are probably pretty far away from the HR for you area like I am. I have found out that it is better to ask your sups for the HR phone # instead of trying to relay the question through the sups to HR. That could take weeks even though it should take a few minutes. Management is eiter "too busy" or just don't care so sometimes, or rather often I should say, they have a habbit of puting employee issues on the "back burner" and you'd be better off getting the phone number and calling them yourself. In our center there is a book in the office that has ALL the phone numbers for everything UPS in Tennessee. HR, Engingeering, other centers and hubs, etc,.
  7. smf0605

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    Steamheat - was there a reason you couldn't ask your local HR reps?
    It's not a question of being afraid. The problem with calling Corporate HR is they have limited experience with local problems and they will only have to refer you back to your local HR group. So, you're involving a group that really has no control over your local issues.
    You still haven't stated what your question was, so it's hard to say why you had a problem.
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    Sorry...There are no humans in human resources...
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    Okay, That was funny, :-))
  10. smf0605

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    heyyyyyyyy .. no it wasn't
  11. steamheat

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    Okay then. Does anyone on this board have a phone number for HR in Atlanta at corporate where a person will answer the call, state their name, and politely ask "How may I help you?" If so, please post it; if not, then don't reply.
  12. cheryl

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    Please respond to steamheat's request for a direct phone number by private email and do not post any phone numbers on this board. I'm sure none of us would like our home or office phone numbers posted on the internet, for all the obvious reasons...
  13. feederdude

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    check your e-mail box.
  14. steamheat

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  15. peacock71

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    Yes...Human Resources...loves humanity...hates one ever got into HR by being the best operator....

    Go UPS!
  16. proups

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    If somebody gave Steamheat a number for HR in Atlanta, then he/she will find a local HR person eventually answering the question. Corporate is not set up to answer questions about local issues outside of Atlanta.

    Steamheat, you are obviously hooked up to the Internet.....are you registered for I have found answers to many of my questions by surfing that site and it's many links.
  17. mary

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    I also would like the HR 800 number in Atlanta. I need to ask questions about a QUADRO retirement account that I have from my divorce. Since I am not a UPS employee and my ex and I are not on good terms, I have no access to any UPS info. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
  18. smf0605

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    Mary, Your divorce attorney has all the information already. You can also check your divorce papers, it should all be in there. The amount you will receive of your ex-husband's retirement was part of your settlement, and it will not change from the amount you agreed upon.