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    Hey Everyone! first post. I have recently been confirmed for an educational transfer out to the San Diego hub located out in California. Does anyone know what the number for human resources is out there? the only thing I'm waiting on is a job opening. Id like to get a hold of them as soon as possible. and my HR rep is taking too long to get back to me. Thanks
  2. Ktaft50

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    nevermind...I got it! but hey, if anyone has any questions on making a successful transfer just let me know.
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    It isn't successful just yet. You yourself said your waiting for an opening????
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    There were no postings online for any positions so I was curious myself how it was going to work out. Miraculously I received a call from HR out in Cali directly after I posted, notifying me that I am good to start the 27th of this month. It was a long process.
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    If you're moving from one state to another with your transfer, update your address immediately and watch the taxes on your first couple of paychecks to make sure they are correct for your new location. If the address doesn't get updated timely, it's possible to be taxed for both the new and old states.
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    Not trying to be funny, but we still have H/R department. wow