hurt back at ups?

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    I am 22 have been at ups for almost 3 years now. my back has been bothering me for a few months now and I started wearing a back brace and I am started physical therapy this week. has anyone here worked with bad pain? I'm so nervous because I wanted to make UPS my career. I want to get into driving because I feel that it would be easier on my body but I heard it is very difficult. would they move me to a light duty position until my back healed such as small sort if I told them about my pain?


    First mistake was not telling them you hurt your back if it was due to working at UPS, one thing to remember dont ever feel guilty about reporting an injury even if your Sup makes you feel that way, you have to cover your back no pun intended and keep track of all discussions, if you report it now they may not take it too well and there really is no such thing as light duty at UPS, Good Luck!
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    Almost everyone I've spoken with has some sort of pain on the job, and most of it is backpains. I have pains in my lower back and pretty much ever where.

    If you're in a skilled postion, good luck getting into something as light work as small sort. Unless you have a good reason as to why and write a letter to your head manager, you wont be going anywhere.

    Driving is has hard on the body as preload. You walk, walk and walk and then, sumit Everest. You walk on concret, which will kill your kness and feet. You may have to deliever eregs up a flight of stairs. And will work over 8 hours on a daily basis. Thinking that driving will be easier on you is a far fetched idea.
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    I work in the unload and sort aisle
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    Only my first day of actual work. Loaded something into the F4 spot and as I was straightening back up I banged my head on the 6000 shelf. I just jumped up and went right back to slinging packages. Had a knot on my head after a few minutes and it bled lightly for about 15-20 but I just "sucked it up" and stuck with it. I didn't report anything because I was definitely not going to get fired on my first day for a potential safety violation, lol. The bright side: I always give my huge noggin plenty of room to maneuver inside my trucks now.

    I don't ever see unloaders or people from the sort aisle working elsewhere... It's worth a try attempting to get light work in the small sort, but I don't think your chances are very good unless you can prove/verify some kind of medical issue with your back.
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    chiropractor told me I had a subluxation in my back but my primary care doctor assures me it is just a bad strain in my back and will heal over time and with physical therapy
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    work with pain??? Every day!!!
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    Yep !

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    Had back surgery when I was 30 . Take care of your back. I was lucky and feel great now. Lift and lower properly.
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    and you still work for ups?
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    and yes I have been being really careful with it. my unload sup told me im the best at lifting properly in her unload
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    If you dont strengthen your core/abs you will always have lower back issues. Start doing core exercises everyday and you will be fine
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    Really!!---Anyone who has worked at UPS for any amount of time has worked with some sort of pain.
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    A strong core/with proper package handling is key. It is hard work, but getting a strong core is priceless. A strong core also minimizes the chances of improperly handling packages. Also strengthen your legs, and routinely stretch out your calves and hams. Limber limbs minimize undue stress on your back. Once you get these down you will work back injury free.
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    I would like to point out that cold stretching before a workout/UPS shift has been proven to cause more injuries than it prevents. Stretching is good-- if it's before a workout, though, it should be done after a warm-up but before the actual exercise. The optimal time to stretch would be after strenuous activity, not before.
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    I would add DURING strenuous activities as well. It really helps me. I was advised by my Physical Therapist to do stretches after warmed up, during my activities if possible, and afterwards. My back has benefited from this routine.

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    Yup. Making transition to feeders. Drove pkgs for 13 years. Back surgery in '05.

    I stretch every morning before I leave for work. It helps out a lot. I feel fine.
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    If you work at UPS eventually you will get back problems. Just from the wear and tear on your body. You can minimize it with stretching and exercise but you can't prevent the gradual wear and tear on your body completely.
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    I use an acupressure mat from