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  1. I'm young and in good shape, so I've never hurt my back before. I have no benefits and even if I did we're so short I couldn't take time off without getting fired. I really strained my back and I hope it's just a minor thing. It's the lower part, lumbar region. Last week had very heavy volume. How do you deal with a sore back? What are some tips? If it gets worse I'm going to seek medical attention.

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    File a workers comp claim. They cannot fire you for seeking medical attention for a work related injury. Don't try to be a super hero because that back injury can turn into a long term disability and affect your future. Many on this website will tell you the same. This job is not worth sacrificing your health.
  3. Good advice. I plan on doing so if it doesn't feel better in a few days. In the meantime, how can I mitigate it if it's just sore? I don't even know the basics, I've never worried about back strain before.
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    SPH is right. When I have had claims, I usually put the injured driver in another route to gain more knowledge. Light duty.
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    7 to 10 days. It's all about time to heal.

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    I have taken family members many times to the doctors for minor injuries and the most common therapy they suggested was RICE. REST ICE COMPRESSION ELEVATION.
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    3-4 ibuprofen in the morning. A couple around noon.
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    SPH has it right; it's all about RICE.
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    Lots of ICE and adjustments.
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    I hurt my lower back pulling Okra. It hurts like h!!!....Going to a chiropractor. He took one look at my back and said, Yes you have a Fedex back...He see's lots of Express drivers. Told me the worst thing you can do is to carry your PP on your hips. Better not to use a holder, just carry in your hand. It will eventually screw up your back....But my back has been very bad, lower degenerative disk, caused by many many years of heavy lifting....Its very painful....But Chiropractor cost 25 dollars a visit....Not bad....Good Luck...ICE ICE ICE

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    Chiropractors are quacks. They are not doctors and always try to sell you a treatment plan that usually lasts for months. They may help you feel better short term but my experience has been a true qualified back specialist with physical therapy will be better long term.
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    You only have 4(?) days from the injury date to file a comp claim. You must remember EXACTLY where you were, what time it was and what you were doing. Be prepared for the manager to try and tell you it would be better to go through disability.
  13. Goldilocks

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    Do you not think they are out for money too!! Love my Chropractor....I use to think they are quacks too, until I walked out of their office without pain...Could barely walk into the office...

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    I would put my trust in a well educated and trained physician than some quack who got his certificate through some fly by night vocational school.
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    Promise you...It works....Try it...

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    Luckily I have never had back problems but I have had family members go to chiropractors with no long term success. To me they sound like used car salesman with no actual science to back up their treatment. Think of them like pain medication. Takes away the pain short term but the problem is still there.
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    Chiros help short term. It doesn't fix anything. Big waste of money... Unless you like feeling good for 2-3 days after a visit.

    Take some anti inflammatories and take it easy. I keep a bottle of naproxen for any kind of tweaks or minor stuff. It's a part of getting old...
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    Gonna have to disagree with you on this one.

    My doctor always refers people with back problems to a chiropractor. My chiropractor does what he needs to without xrays and doesn't milk matters with some 4 month plan. He just says to come back if I need to. I always feel much better after an adjustment.

    But, to each his own.

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    If it helps you feel better then go for it. But there is no factual science behind it. I have heard the bs that was told to family and friends who tried it. Only to go to a specialist that actually diagnosed the injury and treatment that actually helped long term.