Hurt on the job before the bid. where in the contract does it say I can not bid on route

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  1. KALO99

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    I am a 25yr vet was hurt before the bid I will be back in 6 weeks had surgery. where is it written in the contract I cannot bid. Under the contract it states under seniority no one can lose there seniority as long as they meet there medical requirements. So when I come back I am bumbing anybody with less seniority than me. If anyone knows different please tell me where in the contract.
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    What region are you in? Have you tried calling your business agent?
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You should be allowed to bid based on your seniority. They will use cover drivers until you are cleared to return.
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    In the Central you can bid on a job while you are on disability. The only problem is that Article 3 Section 8 states that the job will be filled 10 days after the completion of the bidding process.

    UPS took the stand, and the union agreed, that if someone is on disability or comp and cannot fill the job in that 10 days, that they lose the bid and it goes to the next highest bidder.

    According to the supplement, you must be able to fill the job in 10 days. Sorry.
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    You don't lose your seniority position. We have a guy who was hurt. Has been out for 10 yrs. Will not sign off. His spot is still there if he wanted it. Would be number 2 on the list. It actually effects all of our vacation bids each yr. Btw he is not coming back. Ever. His old injury is not allowing him too
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    Did you sign the bid?
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    Not sure where it is written, but I have heard that here also. Out on comp you can't bid.
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    That's only on a new position or newly vacant position but the bid list is like your vacation it's a seniority bid and they called me for my vacations and they will call me for my bid or I will grieve and bump.
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    That's the way I read it under seniority listings it's temporary and I am doing what there dr's are telling me to do.
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    You need to sign bid. I think you'll get it when you rtw.
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    The way it works in our center is even if you are on disability you can sign a bid and be awarded it, but it is incumbent upon you to call and check on bids up while you are off, and if you don't sign you are out of luck. Like many things that go on in this company things seem to vary wild local to local. Call the union hall and see what the past practice they have done in this situation.
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    Thought he was talking about a job up for bid. Looks like he may be talking about an annual bid.
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    Yep. The bids went up this past Monday. Drivers will stay on the bids for three years this time around and each center is required to bid "ALL" routes including training routes and routes that aren't in the lineup every day. My center is even bidding routes that aren't even in every week. I didn't think they'd go that far.
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    Are you in package or feeders.......feeders by us is an annual bid........package is until you decide to come off route
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    I am on work comp and management called me and ask if I wanted to bid my route this week.
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    nice!!That's the way it should be.
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    25 year vet also. What injury did you have?
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    shoulder surgery