Hurt on the job this morning

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by theUPSman, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. theUPSman

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    On preload this morning, I got hurt. There was a gap on the left side of one of my package cars between the dock and the car. I ended up falling through the gap, scraping and bruising my left leg, and only bruising my right leg. I also hit my back in a couple spots, as well as pulling some muscles.

    I filed a report and it was called in as a report only. Management told me to go home and rest, and if i needed to go to the doctor tomorrow to call. I'm hurting now....shouldn't I go to the doctor today?
  2. Fnix

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    If you think it is serious enough then you need to go. If it is just a scrape or bruise then I wouldnt. Sometimes you feel bad 1 day and fine the next.
  3. freeloader

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    Argh, that was one of my pet peeves - cars backed up crooked or not all the way onto the dock. Accident waiting to happen if you ask me.

    Like the other guy said, if you think it is just a bruise or scrape then I would just chill, rest and watch talk shows all day. If you think it is more than that, then go get it checked out.
  4. over9five

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    I have done the "report only" thing too. The company is just trying to save an injury report. Sometimes it does get better overnight!

    Don't worry, IT IS OK TO GO TO THE DOCTOR if you feel you should! Just let them know after you see him.
  5. 705red

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    If you are hurting than you need to go to the doctor, bring your injury number with you, and also call your sup now or on the way in so they are aware of it, let the doctor know its an on the job injury.

    If its minor aches and pains it could get better in a couple days but if you feel thats its worse go in now.
  6. Vol Fan

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    If you feel you need medical attention, go now. Make sure you let management know. They may need to go with you. Hope you get better.
  7. sortaisle

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    Man, I have nightmares about what happened to you. I'm sorry it happened to you and I hope you get better soon. Just so you know, even though the package car was parked crooked, it will be made out to be your fault. One of the 5 keys to preventing slips and falls is look where you step and step where you look. Be prepared for them to hammer that into you. Sorry again!
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    I have had the same thing happen to me, but doesnt sound as severe. I used to load a TP60 I believe its called, a little trailer all going to one place. Needless to say it is never backed all the way to the dock, and I busted up my shin and leg kind of bad.

    Another partial injury I had was when I was unloading a drop frame about a month into working here. It was like an 150 pound drill bit where the end was probably a foot or two diameter. Well it was loaded on the flaps and a guy was helping me took the skinny rod part and I got the heavy part. Well he looses his grip or I do, and my thumb got slammed between the bit and the belt. Basically my thumbnail was completely off, bleeding everywhere and surprised it didnt take off part of it. Me being naive at the time, I didnt think of filing anything, and was back unloading the trailer 15 minutes later.
  9. if I see a car like that on my line I don't let my loaders load it until it is moved, luckily I have an air driver on my line so this is really not a big hassle to get done.
  10. rod

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    NO-NO-NO--------- they DON"T need to go with you. (even though most management types feel they are qualified to be Doctors). If you feel it is necessary go to the doctor make sure you tell them it is "work related". Make sure you make copies of everything. If it's any consolation, what happened to you happens to everyone who works on a sort at one time or another.
  11. brownrodster

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    That's the oldest trick in the supervisor book. Tomorrow when you tell them you want to go to the doctor you will be in big trouble... You need to go to the doctor immediately after any injury. They will pull everything to so you that you were fine from yesturdays supposed 'injury'.

    It may be better in your building but in mine when I was a PTer we had to go through hell if there was an injury. One coworker of mine was threatened by his pt sup that the center manager would fire him if he reported the injury.
  12. cosmo1

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    Management will probably want to go along. However, when the management person tries to come into the examination room, just say no!
  13. rod

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    If your still hurting and worried about it I would take a trip to the emergency ward tonight. Sometimes that is the quickest solution to your kind of problem. You could have a hairline fracture among many things. And I stand by my statement that management DOESN"T have to be there to hold your hand.
  14. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Going to the doctors and going to the examination are two different things Should they go probably, should they go to examination that all depends on you and what your comfort level is, i know some employees wouldnt have a problem with sup a going but would never let up b in.
  15. rod

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    You lost me with that last sentence. What possible good could having a management person along lead to?
  16. Bad Gas!

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    The sups don't need to go.You have reported your injury.You may be able to take off without pay til monday.If you are still hurting deep inside, you should get xrays by friday.
  17. drewed

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    As long as they keep quite what does it hurt?
    I guess it would also have to do with circumstances, broken leg and sitting in the ER getting patched up, it maybe nice to have someone to chit chat with. Torn off finger nail not so much
  18. rod

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  19. stevetheupsguy

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    Supervisor's have no right to access your medical information. That information is for workers comp only, so's they can get you the proper care. Supervisors have no right to consult with your Doctor or view your medical records or chart for that matter. You have the right to see the Doctor alone and the Doctor/His (Her) staff will relay all information up the comp chain. If you want to discuss your injury/treatment options with your supe, you can do that on your own. All pertinent medical information will be relayed to your supe though workers comp. Know your rights and don't be walked on by MGMT. Did that sound good, 705?
  20. browniehound

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    Actually its the 4th element in the "5 keys to preventing slips and falls" which is "look before stepping". This is where UPS has you and can fault you for not following the methods:sick:. Make sure you know these methods 100% when they follow-up the injury with you.

    I would like to blame the driver or car wash employee who didn't square the package-car to the dock. For you to fall between there must have been a 1-foot space from the truck to the belt, is this correct? That is totatlly unacceptable from the person who parked the vehicle.

    That being said, if you slip and fall you have only yourself to blame. I really believe this. Unless somebody else intentionally trips you, I think a slip and fall is on us.

    I think every preloader should check his/her belt for gaps before starting her/his shift. You know this is a common place for injuries to occur, so why not take 2.5 seconds and look at your 4 package cars for spaces bewteen them and the belt?

    Better yet, maybe the PT. sups. should walk the belt before every shift and make sure the trucks are parked in safe postions? Perhaps the FT. sup. should do this also? It would take him less than a minute to walk around the boxline and would save him thousands of $$ in injuries that didn't happen. Why isn't this first thing out FT. sup. does when arriving at the center?

    Thanks for the post, I'm going to mention this to our safety committee tommorow :happy2:.