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    Another example of right wing hypocrisy when making an argument:

    RNC SUBSIDIZES ABORTIONS FOR 18 YEARS -- AND COUNTING.... The debate over financing of abortions -- the basis for the offensive Stupak amendment -- is all about money being fungible. Amy Sullivan explained the problem nicely recently: "The problem, they say, is that if any insurance plan that covers abortion is allowed to participate in a public exchange, then premiums paid to that plan in the form of taxpayer-funded subsidies help support that abortion coverage even if individual abortion procedures are paid for out of a separate pool of privately-paid premium dollars."
    But applying this argument can prove problematic. Focus on the Family, for example, one of the nation's largest religious right organizations and a fierce opponent of abortion rights, has health insurance for its employees through a company that covers "abortion services." The far-right outfit, by its own standards, indirectly subsidizes abortions.
    Apparently, the Republican National Committee has the same problem. Politico reported yesterday afternoon that the RNC -- whose platform calls abortion "a fundamental assault on innocent human life" -- gets insurance through Cigna with a plan that covers elective abortion.

    The Republicans' health care package has been in place since 1991 -- thanks, Lee Atwater -- meaning that, by the party's own argument, it has been indirectly subsidizing abortions for 18 years.
    Complicating matters, Politico found that Cigna offers customers the opportunity to opt out of abortion coverage -- "and the RNC did not choose to opt out."
    The Republican National Committee, not surprisingly, scrambled. By last night, it resolved the issue. Sort of.
    The Republican National Committee will no longer offer employees an insurance plan that covers abortion after POLITICO reported Thursday that the anti-abortion RNC's policy has covered the procedure since 1991.
    "Money from our loyal donors should not be used for this purpose," Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement. "I don't know why this policy existed in the past, but it will not exist under my administration. Consider this issue settled."
    Steele has told the committee's director of administration to opt out of coverage for elective abortion in the policy it uses from Cigna.
    But does that actually "settle" the matter? The new RNC policy, apparently, is to have insurance through Cigna, opting out of abortion coverage. But let's not lose sight of the original fungibility problem -- the RNC is taking Republican money and giving it to an insurance company through premiums. That company will then use its pool of money to pay for abortion services, not for RNC employees, but for other customers.
    In other words, the Republican National Committee will still indirectly subsidize abortions, every time it writes a check to Cigna.
    And if the RNC disagrees with this reasoning, and believes the issue is "settled," then the party has rejected the reasoning of the Stupak amendment at a fundamental level.
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    I thought the thread was going to be about our war president getting a noble peace prize. I can't imagine there being a greater hypocrisy.
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    Shocking Video Unearthed Obama Hypocrisy On Iraq Success

    Obama -7 Broken Promises in Record Time

    Obama Issues Signing Statement on War Spending Bill

    Obama Outlines Plan to Curb Earmarks

    Obama Issues Signing Statement with Public Land Bill

    Obama Issues Another Signing Bill Statement, Will Ignore Provisions of War Spending Bill

    Obama's Broken Promise


    Go get back on the porch cause you just can't run with the big dogs!
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    See latest discussion on Sarah Palin thread---Liberal Hypocisy ??? --Or just Liberal talking points ????
    "Bush lied" "Palin Quit" blah,blah,blah ----repeat the chant --but ignore the facts !!!!
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    Don't know if I would call it hypocricy. They targeted future democrats by focusing on potential parents that had demonstrated they were losers and underacheivers and parasites of society.
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    I got it! when you were speaking of Hypocrisy you were referring to the closing of Guantanamo and the creation of Guantanamo north in Illinois?
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    barry's health care plan will be written by a committee whose head, John Conyers, says he doesn't understand it.
    It'll be passed by Congress that has not read it,
    signed by a president who smokes,
    funded by a Treasury chief who doesn't pay his taxes,
    overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese,
    and financed by a country that's currently broke.
    What could possibly go wrong?
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    Liberal hypocrisy, conservative hypocrisy, it's everywhere dude! TOS is correct in the post and I also posted back in the healthcare thread about the RNC insurance and abortion sometime ago when the story first broke. You can find the story TOS quoted in the Nov. 13th issue of Washington Monthly.

    But the fact remains that even with abortion the RNC are still hypocrites as for years they've given lipservice to this issue, controlled literally all 3 branches of gov't but when it came time to put down some political capital on the grounds of principle, the only thing I saw on the ground were cigarette butts and beer can pull tabs. The abortion issue is and always has been nothing more than political gimickry.

    And thus so was Sarah Palin. Sure she was fresh air from what we normally hear but the fact remains she was a gimmick from the get go. Bill Kristol on FoxNews Sunday back in June 08' told the listening audience that Sarah Palin would be the Repub. VP nominee and I posted the video here in one of the past threads from way back. Palin's purpose was purely to pull out the core conservative vote who were in fact luke warm to McCain. Even the talk radio circuit was cold to McCain until Palin hit the scene because McCain to the conservative base was seen purely as a RINO.

    Palin also served in respect to pull away at the female vote which polls clearly showed was leaning democrat this past cycle. Republicans knew the deck was stacked against them on so many levels but in a normal cycle with all things even, Palin's name would have never been uttered at all. And speaking of Palin and hypocrisy, she's not immune from this either!

    And let's be fair also in respect to the Libertarian Party who used gimmickry itself by nominating Bob Barr. Barr has some libertarian leanings but that's about as far as it goes. What Barr did respresent was a chance to up the percentage of votes because of Barr's name in the republican/paleo-conservative world. The LP knew the part of the Repub. base that is paleo-conservative just might jump ship away from McCain and thus push their vote totals towards double digits and the hope was also that Ron Paul would endorse Barr which he did not (Paul personally endorsed Chuck Baldwin) and I think this skuttled the big LP plan. I'm glad it did because IMO the LP went wrong when it became a political party instead of an organization of ideas but that's my personal opinion.

    I'm not much of a person who holds to a religious faith but I'm not one to discount value in religious writting when I find it. Ecclesiastes 1:9 sez the following:

    American politics and government is a graveyard of broken promises on top of dead bodies. A truly honest person regardless of political stripe would be utterly ashamed at what we have today that passes for gov't as the hypocrisy is without end. I hammered a bit on Obama but let's go back a few years and see what we find.

    No NationBuilding? Really?

    Here's part 2

    And was the 4th Estate in on building the construct towards War?

    Can CNN throw alley-oop or what! I thought the glass was gonna bust when Cheney slammed it home for the score.

    Well not surprising is any of this from a bunch of folks who follow a man who openly advocates the Noble Lie! And are our friends who ride the donkey safe from the man and his lie? Not hardly! Obama is surrounded by those Straussians (the DLCers') just like Bush was.

    Show me a State and I'll show you lies, trickery, death, destruction and yes Hypocrisy! It is only by these means can it hold on to and increase it's power. All while keeping the little guy down, the same little guy a lot of well meaning folks want to help but are in fact helping to stomp him top death, slowly I might add!
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    :sad-little:Hypocrisy ???
    When Bush was elected as President --Right or wrong he was pounded by the press for eight years ----they critized him in the "present".
    During those eight years very little was heard about "inheriting" the dot com bust or Bin Laden from Clinton.
    Today instead of the press critizing Obama ---we now have not only them re-living the past ----the news goes into the future to villify the next conservative or right candidate???
    Sad state of affairs for journalism ---Sad state of affars for our supposed "media-Watchdogs" Now we only have Lap dogs.
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    Just something about this post that seems so very familar. Do you have a family member who's an active poster here also?
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    Are we in some way related ??
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    I'm still digging for this hypocrisy you're referring to. Is it that some of the biggest wasters of natural resources and biggest generators of pollutants are presently trying to iron our strict environmental guidelines that we will all be forced to live by? Is it that this is being done to address a global warming threat that appears to have greatly diminished the past four years?

    In any case I appreciate your creating a thread to help us identify this administrations many hypocrisys.
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    ZZZZZZZZZZZ....Yawn...wake me when you have something relevant to post.

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    Not to my knowledge but your posts are an echo of someone else here. A "shadow bark" if you will. That someone has a "Rumplestiltskin" effect on others around here so that might provide a hint.

    :wink2: To sleepy head who I think will be sleeping for a long time.

    :happy-very: I liked it!
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    Island... :please:, I'm sorry, but your such a mark for the republican party it's obvious. Stop trying to make believe your some kind of partial Independent....just admit your new alliance is with the Tea Party crowd.. a bunch of disenfranchised white conservatives, following every word of Conservative guru, Bill Kristol and the cast of Fox News commentaters. Think for a moment, if you had became President, would you rather have had inherited Clinton's reign or GW Bush ? Let's see how you spin this ? It's pretty obvious, after every Republican Adm, there's a huge mess to clean up.......GW had it easy compared to BO...
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    I am sure you mean a mark for common sense as well as very intelligent.
    No matter what I would have "inherited" I certainly would not be crying about it one year later. Also --we have reviewed this with you before --the root cause of this fiasco was certainly caused by Obam's participation and the liberals pushing and forcing banks to lower their lending practices so people that could never afford to own a home ---would eventually crash the economy.
    Liberal social programs and out of control spending are leading the U.S. to bankrupcy.
    Obama's CHANGE --Is just a LIE.
    Tax cheats, Communists, Acorn, Seiu, Andy Stein, George Soros ????
    Climate change for you -not him --Most miles flown by any President in first year --even on a Manhattan "Date"
    Health care ---I am sure the UPS and Teamster coverage will be much cheaper and better after the Dems destroy --Lets see over 65% of American"s would agee.
    Obama --Health care negotiations will be on c-span. Have you enjoyed watching the secret -behind closed doors --Of course you boy Harry Reid --claims people --like you diesel would not understand.
    I could go on ---it is all COMMON SENSE !!!:happy-very:
    P.S Do not be so concerned on my Political affiliation. One it is none of your business and secondly there is nothing you can do about it:happy2:
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    I think you just managed to make Diesel's point in your whole post. I highlighted everything that has been established as FAUX news talking points. Nothing you posted is of any FACT.

    You see, you are the classic example of manipulated opinion. If I was to challenge you on any ONE of the highlighted lines in your post, you would be unable to sustain the position with any facts.

    You my friend, are the type of guy who watches FAUX news religiously and then believes "he" is informed.

    When Reagan was in office, his second year saw unemployment reach 10.7%, every month since he took office in 1980, unemployment rose steadily. Every month, Reagan and his co-horts blamed Jimmy carter's policies for causing it.

    Reagan blamed Carter for the next 6 years, before realizing that it was "HE" and not Carter who was causing the nations financial woes.

    Its simply amazing how you can sit here and say that OBAMA is NOT having to deal with a disaster left for him by Bush. How big of a disaster do you and the other right wing supporters believe Bush left the country?

    Why was it ok for Reagan to blame Carter and Obama cant blame Bush?

    If you go back and read only the highlighted lines of your post, it will be clear to see that you are full of right wing talking points and not substance.

    Why dont you try and demonstrate your political knowledge?

    Show us where the democrats are responsible for the housing crash vs. President Bush's "homeownership society" program of 2002, President Bush's "Zero Downpayment" initiative of 2002, President Bush's "downpayment assistance" initiative of 2002???

    Bush directed Both Fannie mae and Freddie mac to set aside 459 billion dollars to cover the estimated 5.6 million new homes that were to be sold over the next 10 (from 2002) to middle and LOWER income americans and I am sure YOU CAN DEMONSTRATE where the democrats were responsible for this right?

    Show us where any democrat had anything to do with the housing crisis, and not just post some talking points?

    Island, Diesels point is clear and you confirmed it.

    You are the classic "personality type" for right wing rhetoric. You can be easily manipulated by "talking points" that substitute for facts.

    With respect for this thread, you are the classic hypocrite. In another thread, you rambled on about abortion and voiced an opinion about the republicans being the party of moral vales. However, for over 18 years, the republican party itself paid for abortions for its members thru the very insurance it offered its members.

    There are thousands of abortions in this country every year, and not all of them are performed on democrats.

    This issue has been used on the right wing masses for decades to keep them inline, and yet behind the scenes, they use abortion like any other american.

    The right wing has no intention of outlawing abortion, they need this issue to remain as is, so they can highlight it in campaigns so people like you will side with them.

    One thing a person needs to know when involving themselves in political debates. Separate facts from fiction, facts from talking points.

    You have been unable to do either.

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    Please Island, could you wake up and smell the CON job! Since the end of the FDR era when Truman left office in Jan. 1953' and even counting the current first year not yet complete of Obama, Republicans have controlled the White House 36 years to the Democrats 21 (the 1 counting Obama) and yet in all that time where the republican party held power (with 6 years of Bush 2 controlling all 3 branches) not once in any real measurable terms did the gov't scale back. In all cases the size of gov't itself just in sheer numbers of those employed grew, the budget also grew (it never decreased meaning the people actually kept more of their own money) and beginning with Nixon after Bretton Woods collasped and accelerating with Reagan, the debt exploded.

    In fact all this prosperity you and Tie love to crow about was in fact prosperity as a result of pure debt and now the bill is coming due. As the prosperity grew, manufactoring and industry was departing or was it the fact that in WW2 on a global scale, the manufactoring base was destroyed all except for us and for several decades we prospered via the rebuild which absorded our surplus and now that era is over and we are in our own bust cycle (to much capacity with no demand) trying to keep it all afloat borrowing from the future.

    I guess there's no use suggesting you read about Alfred Sloan and his ideas and theories of business he put in place at GM that became the model study of America and now we are witnessing the decline and fall of Sloanism. It started dying in the 70's as both Japan and Europe got back on it's feet but then the 3rd world kicked it below the belt and it was all but done. I think it fitting and telling that Uncle Sam is left holding the rotten corpse of the State created dynamo that was once known as General Motors but then Alfred Sloan made his!

    Yes, Obama is making it much worse and I do think we are on borrowed time right now but the simple fact is, he's just following a formula already that's been in play since literally 1913' when the Congress gave birth to the Fed and privatized the money supply to a created monopoly. I love how "liberals" blast privatization and monopolies and yet are so damn quite when it comes to the Fed, it's beyond the pale, but then the title of this thread doth apply.

    I hear you guys scream communist, marxist, etc. etc. when it comes to Obama and IMO it just shows your own stupidity. Yes Obama is a central planner but he's a corporatist first and foremost and he's always been one. Sure he uses the "liberal" speak to the masses but is that any different from the "conservative' speak we see from republicans and yet once in office we still have all things gov't! Even true liberals and progressives are starting to call him a Faux liberal. Even the healthcare bill is pure corporatism via the sneak attack. So much for Transparency!

    Sure, the democrat party and their leaders doth sucketh but so does the republican party. They were all in this together and now the very people that manipulated this entire mess I'm suppose to trust? Although I don't believe in such mythology (that comment should butter Tourist's biscuits:happy-very:) it's almost like the devil approaching me about following him to which I respond, "Well what about that snake and tree thing in the Garden of Eden" to which he responds, "Oh dude, that's so old testament, I've got a new thing going on and I can get you in on the ground floor!" In his case I think he means the bottom of the basement! :happy-very: That's how I see the republican party. Remember when Ron Paul was talking all this crazy :censored2: about limiting the size of gov't, cutting the budget, paying down debt, making our money honest and free of debt and not being the world's policeman? Remember the howls of laughter and the boos he got, not from democrats but from republicans. And what are these same republicans now saying?

    "I swear baby, I've learned my lesson, just do it one more time and I swear I won't kvm in your mouth again!"

    So go ahead, completely ignore the record and facts and just stick that head of yours back in the box. I've no doubt around here, you'll have plenty of company from both sides of the political isle!