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  1. jag_6819

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    Can someone explain hypothication of UPS stock? Does anyone know how to go about hypothicating shares of UPS stock? Do you have to go through Mellon? I can't find any info any where.
  2. drewed

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    Id imagine youd have to have to go through mellon, keep in my you have to hold the stock for a yr before you can use it for these purposes or sell it. on the upsers website it has the phone number for mellon call them and see what they say
  3. tieguy

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    ask a finance supervisor for an updated listing of finance institutions offering hypo's.
  4. nhguy

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    Wachovia Bank in Atlanta offers UPS Hypothecation. You probably need a substanial amount of shares to hypo, they have minimums and they will basically tie up 2 times the value of the money you want to borrow. There are also some small fees.

    Remember the BIG fish always eats the little ones!
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    HYPO Loan HELP!!!!!!

    I recieved a notice from Wachovia regarding my Hypo loan. Evidently, they want me to move my Hypo out to another institution bevause Wachovia is closing down their hypo program. Can anyone please give me a reputable advisor at another firm, preferably an Advisor who understands our company HELP!!!!
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    Wachovia is not helping us!! A lot of people are now with Morgan Stanley.
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    Bank of America has a UPS Loan Center
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    Re: Hypo

    FYI - if anybody got a letter from Wachovia -

    Looks like Morgan Stanley's rates are about the same as Wachovia's and they didn't charge a stupid set up fee!!!
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    Re: Hypo

    I was curious if anyone has hypothecated their stock lately and what rates I could expect? thanks
  10. tieguy

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    Re: Hypo

    you should be very careful when considering a hypo. there was a time when the stock was private and consistently went up in value every quarter where a hypo was a good investment. As a public stock a market crash like last years could trigger a margin call and leave you with the tax consequences of the sale.
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    Re: Hypo

    the best way to keep this from happening is to have some cash they can access during a call. that way there is not a fire sale of your assets, and the portfolio is stable.

    nothing worse than a tanking stock, and them trying to dump it causing further supply, which decreases the demand. a vicious cycle.

    thats one of the reasons during the crash, many people lost their homes, and several figured life was not worth living.

    as tie said, within a few months after going public, ups stock lost its luster for a lot of people that had hypo'ed it in the past.

    before then, it was a sure bet.

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    Re: Hypo

    You are a little late, the hypos were a thing of the 90s. Pilots and mechanics that Hypo'd before the IPO were told to get and get out when it went public. Most did and converted to Bs then got out when the getting was good. Good luck on todays market but I would not risk it, I would say that Hypo was a thing to make people rich before the IPO. Most pilots and mechanics used BofA in ATL, they had a great deal in the 90's. The great deal for hypos were you were getting a great rate and you got 1 share of OPL for 4 shares of UPS. I ended up eating 800 shares of OPL (other peoples loot) but sold UPS at a great price. Again good luck on your financial endeaver.
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    Re: Hypo

    Air if your point is right then they should have shot their investment advisor. getting out before the IPO cost them a 100 percent return on their investment.
  14. Re: Hypo

    Please don't spoil this moment for me. I want to see Airbus continue giving solid financial, marital, labor, medical, emotional, etc. advice. Actually, I simply say ythat it split and tripled. Plus or minus whats a few grand anyway?
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    Re: Hypo

    What is the advantage of a hypo verses margin with a broker?
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