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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by alwaysoverallowed, Dec 2, 2010.

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    12/1 ran EAM's then came in to a blown out 800 (475 pieces 195 stops w/helper) in a city. 2 hrs over, 13.5 altogether. Cleared 1200 with the work from Black Friday. This will be my best peak pay ever(been drving 4 helping 3 b/f). I <3 peak. Anyone else stickin' it to'em when they can't do the same or will forget come 1/1?
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    Could someone translate this for me?
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    something along the lines of Im new and dont have a family to get home to right now, so ill take all the overtime they want to throw at me and make some money,

    or something like that
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    driver did EAMs at the start. Went back to the hub was assigned a p800 car with 495pcs at 195 stops. Did 13.5 hours that day. Deliverd 1200pcs that day. driver helped 3 other drivers that day with left over black Friday. I>3 helpers. I am greater than 3 helpers that day.poster is x military
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    I am ex-military and have no clue what he was babbling about.
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    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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    I finally figured out that I <B peak = I love peak.. <B is a sideways heart. Damm I'm slow at this new code stuff. :-)

    I still haven't figured out what (4 helping 3 b/f) means.
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    Yesterday I drove one single NDA air , 3+ hours round-trip, 1+ hour OT. :)
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    Revision. Driver did EAM's at the start. Went back to the hub was assinged a p800 car with 495 pcs at 195 stops in city with helper. Went back to the HUB got in into a P1200 car with left over black friday volume delivered that. Did 13.5 hours that day. "Been driver 4 helping 3 b/f. That day Driver drove 4 cars, helped 3 drivers, with "Black Friday volume B/F."
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    Been driver 4 helping 3 b/f.

    Thought he said (for helping 3 best friends)
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    Me too.
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    Yeah you blue falcons from the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" army just won't understand.
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    I have been driving for four years and I helped for 3 years before that.
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    Working 7 days a week right now... between 65-70 hours a week. I guess the great thing about working at a hub rather than a center u got 4 sorts during peak u have 5
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