I could write a book..

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    Apparently our center has been scoring low on the telematics scorecard!! So the new thing from manegment is if we didn't back first and need to get back in the truck and reverse out of the driveway, We must first call and ask permission from management!! Lol... Honest to God this whatwas said from our on road tue morning!!
    A. They don't supply us with cell phones.
    B. If they did, we live in vt. There is not always service.

    Well they said just send a message in the board.. Again we r in vt. And there is not always service..
    So what happens if I get in a situation and I need to ask permission but I can't reach management.... Do I get to sit in the driveway until the next day after ups finally track's me down and finds me... Lol
    I love this Company! What will be next..
    .oh wait.. After the drivers picked up there jaws off from the ground.. Manegment then proceeds to tell us we can't sit in our trucks for lunch and let the trucks idle.. Umm we live in vt.. It gets cold in the winter.. We r supposed to shut it off every 5 minutes.. That I guess would save Gas??

    I swear I could write a book.. On the crap that comes out of there mouth...
  2. brownmonster

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    Did you just get telematics recently? This will eventually go away when they realize you cant manage the real world.
  3. Indecisi0n

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    We had that one month. After 5-10 messages from me I was told I no longer needed to contact them.
  4. superballs63

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    all of our logs have a "backing goal" on the bottom corner of them. None of us give a damn, and now management has realized that we don't
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    In my center telematics has come down to a piece of paper that management post on the board everyday without a word being said or anyone looking at it.

    In the beginning everyday you would here about it backing events, idle time, etc. I haven't heard a word about it in in 3 or 4 months.
  6. DS

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    If you do,maybe it would be wise to brush up on your spelling.
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    This is so four years ago to me. It goes away.
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    its peak folks...once we get into January they will refocus their attention back to the little stuff. So enjoy the rest of the year without the bulls@#$%.
  9. Bubblehead

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    It's all part of the hypnotic process.
    For all we know, some of our co-workers are still calling.
  10. iruhnman630

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    Yup...sounds like your center is relatively new to telematics. Never had to do the call first thing, but definitely got the report lectures.
  11. jaker

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    I remember when our center manager was saying that and I looked at my sup , and see says you don't do that

    I have a rural route nobody even likes going on car with me because of no food or restrooms
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    I remember when we first got on telematics and the backing thing became an issue. Some guys starting doing "neutral backs" to make their numbers on paper look good. <--- Very risky because you don't have your backup lights to indicate to others that you're backing and lots of times they had to gas it pretty hard and then hit neutral to have the momentum to complete their back; not very safe at all.

    I'm sorry, but if I pull up to a stop and kids are out playing and run up to the truck, I'm locking it down, making the delivery and then backing up once everyone is clear of the truck. It's a matter of using proper discernment. I know they have to have blanket rules for procedures, but there are exceptions that occur.

    I often feel like it's the whole class getting punished for the actions of a few. Something crazy that I remember from last year.... They were having trouble with numerous backing accidents occuring so a memo was issued saying to tell all drivers not to back and walk the stop off unless the stop was farther than the width of a regulation sized football field and the stands surrounding it, LOL. Pretty absurd eh? This lasted about a week until the ballooning over allowed times were killing them.

    In my opinion it comes down to initially spending the time to make sure a new driver is trained in how to back in a competent manner. The way it is now is kinda like a doctor trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause. When telematics was implemented and they started pulling guys into the office and itimidating them trying to get better times, drivers started having more accidents and injuries, espcially the newer guys with less driving experience. This went on for a while until the accident and injury numbers were smacking UPS in the face hurting them financially and then SAFETY was all you heard until the numbers drifted back down.

    I feel so many things at UPS are done in a reactive manner and the guys up top who deal with all the numbers are out of touch with things going on in operations and if there was just more of a link in communication things would be better for everyone. Case in point ---> If they would properly train and pay prelaoders a wee bit more and have their start times reasonable so they could actually have adequate time to load the truck in a proper fashion it would pay dividends. But instead they just throw them into the fire, start them later than they should and rush, rush them all during the sort. Sooooo, that just means you're having tons of drivers leaving the building late and having to do extra sorting out on the route to find packages. That extra time equates to time and a half pay... times how many drivers ???? Wouldn't it make more sense to give the preloaders realistic start times and better pay as an incentive to drawing in more quality workers? Seems like that would be better for UPS financially and contribute to having happier employees. This isn't a statistic that shows up on paper so it I guess that's why it won't get addressed.

    Final point, proper training and communcation are paramount in creating success and happier workers. (Kind of like a marriage eh?) (*_~)

    I must now go drive the big brown truck and do battle, I hope everyone's day goes well!!!
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    I will when I retire, I WILL HAVE TO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS........LOL
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    I love tell-on-me-addicts!! It's also proof that you were in front of that biznatches house with her zappos box when she calls in a complaint. OWNED!!!!!!
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    Been delivering going on 27 years. Don't see the big deal, pay attention to what you are doing and you should not get yourself it this situation but maybee a couple of times a week if that.