I didn't get paid for last Friday..need advice.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by B-Daz, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Last Friday my PT Sup didn't go to work, I just checked the online paystub and I'm missing about 5 hours. I'm not the only one that's missing a pay for Friday, there was another coworker as well, but other coworkers were paid. I didn't go to work on January 21st because of the snowstorm, but that week on Friday, I worked a double. I was going to talk to the FT Sup since he's the one that made the "error", but he wasn't in today and I heard he went on vacation. What would be the best action to take?

    Is there a website to view the current contract? I'd really like to know my rights incase anything like this happens again.
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    The IBT website, Teamsters.org, has all the agreements online. You're looking for Art 17 of the National Master Agreement.
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    Highlight the error(s) on your paystub, make a copy, hand the copy to your FT sup and ask him/her to take care of it. If the error(s) are not corrected in next week's paycheck you will be entitled to penalty pay.